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Frequently Asked Questions

Conservatory Blinds

  • How much do conservatory blinds cost?

    Our conservatory blinds are always made to measure, and can be fitted to your conservatory roof, or windows, or both. As a result of this, the price of conservatory blinds depends on several factors. The first being the size of your conservatory; the number of blinds you require and whether the roof blinds are shaped or rectangular. Secondly the type of conservatory blinds you would like; usually pleated blinds, roller blinds, or zip blinds for the roof and more options for the side blinds.  Then within each category there is a wide range of fabrics for conservatory blinds, that have different price bands, and finally whether they are motorised or manual. For these reasons it is quite hard to give an idea of price unless we know the size and shape of your conservatory and the type of blinds you would like. If you can provide this then we will be happy to give you an estimate, and of course, our sales appointments are free.  As with any product that is bespoke or made to measure - there is a greater cost associated than similar off the shelf standard sized products. Blind Technique manufactures all of our bespoke conservatory blinds for both retail and trade customers, and with years of experience we are very competitively priced offering a high-quality bespoke product that is expertly installed. Getting that extra use out of your conservatory means conservatory blinds are often seen as a necessity as opposed to a luxury and therefore relatively not so expensive.

  • How long will my conservatory blinds take to make?

    Providing your chosen material or fabric is available or in stock, we can typically manufacture and install your conservatory blinds in 3-4 weeks. The installation date may take a little bit longer when we are very busy, but we will always give you an accurate time frame when you contact us.

  • How long does it take to install conservatory blinds?

    This will depend on the size of the conservatory and the type of conservatory blinds you are looking for. Though as a rough estimate, an average size conservatory can usually be installed with window and roof blinds in approximately one full day. Again, when we have more detail regarding the type of conservatory blinds and the size of your conservatory, we will be able to give you a more accurate time frame.

  • How do I choose from so many styles of window blinds?

    That is where we are able to help. Certain styles of blinds are suited moreso to certain types and sizes of window. We have a lot of experience of what works well and will be happy to talk you through the options. Each job is unique and we aim to find the perfect solution for you.

  • How long does fitting take?

    This will depend on the number and type of products you have. As a very rough guide, if you allow around 20-30 minutes per blind or shutter this will give an approximation. Please note that this can vary considerably depending on what we are fitting into and the level of the window.

  • Can I fit them myself?

    In theory yes you can, depending on the product and your own level of experience. We do however recommend a proper survey and install by ourselves especially for more complex products.

  • Are my window blinds guaranteed!?

    All of our products are guaranteed. We provide you with information about how to operate your blinds for many years of enjoyment.

  • Shutters

    • How much do plantation shutters cost?

      All of our window shutters are priced by the square metre with the majority of the configuration options all included at no extra cost. Therefore, once you know which material you would like your shutters made from we are able to give you a quotation straight away from the sizes you provide. For larger jobs, this price is fully inclusive of survey, manufacture and installation.

    • Are plantation shutters expensive?

      When you compare window shutters to basic types of window blinds such as a roller blind or vertical blind then yes in comparison shutters are often more expensive. They are however excellent value for money, will last for years, and add value to your property.

    • Can I get an idea of price for interior window shutters?

      Yes. You need to provide the sizes (width and drop) of the windows you would like shutters for and then we can e-mail you a quotation. Also let us know the type of shutters you want, S-Craft - and which wood, Faux wood or Vinyl. We will also happily prepare multiple quotations for different woods for you to compare.

    • How to fit plantation shutters

      In theory, you can fit your own interior window shutters. However, we would always recommend having them professionally surveyed and installed. Please contact us for more information.

    • What is the lead time for shutters?

      The lead time for wooden shutters is always between 10 and 12 weeks due mainly to shipping, but this can sometimes be longer. There is an option for air freight though this works out very expensive. Alternatively you can choose UK manufactured faux wood shutters that are typically available in only 3 weeks!

    • How long does it take to install shutters?

      This is variable depending on the size of the shutters and the window. As the shutters need to be perfectly square, and many windows are not, this can add time to the installation. For a simple rectangular average small window approximately an hour. For a bay window 3-4 hours. These are a very rough guideline as every job is unique.

    Electric Blinds

    • Are electric blinds expensive?

      A lot less than they used to be and some of our battery motors are very good value these days. You can upgrade your blind to motorised control for as little as £99 per blind, depending on which motor, and we quite often have further promotions. Why not find out if we have one running?

    • Are electric blinds easy to operate?

      Yes they are. We will set up and install the blinds as normal for you. We will also pair the remote control handset and set the upper and lower limits for you. This means that a single press of a button or interaction with the app, will power the blind to the fully open or closed position or any position of your choosing.

    • Can I fit them myself?

      In theory yes you can, depending on the product and your own level of experience. We do however recommend a proper survey and install by ourselves especially for our motorised products as they can be more challenging to set-up initially if you haven't done this before.

    • Do I need a remote control for each blind?

      Some remote controls are single use, however others can control multiple blinds at the same time or individually.

    Roller Blinds

    • How do I choose from so many options?

      That is where we are able to help. Each fabric has properties that determine how effective it will be in your window or opening. Choosing the correct one that also meets your personal taste can take time to get it right. We have a huge range of roller blind fabrics available, something suitable for everyone.

    • Should I choose a pelmet?

      The majority of our customers opt for a pelmet with their roller blinds. It frames the blind nicely, hiding the fabric, helping with installation, and you can have several blinds within the same pelmet giving a very neat finish. We would definitely recommend this.

    • Can I fit them myself?

      In theory yes you can, depending on your own level of expertise? We do however recommend a proper survey and install by ourselves especially for motorised options.

    • Are they guaranteed!?

      All of our products are guaranteed. We provide you with information about how to operate your blinds for many years of enjoyment.

    Venetian Blinds

    • Are Venetian Blinds hard to clean?

      Due to the design of this blind with it's horizontal slats they do get dusty and dirty depending on the environment. Also depending on the size of the slat and window, there could be a lot of slats to clean. This blind is not the easiest to clean. 

    • What size Venetian Blinds slats do you recommend?

      The main part of this answer is down to personal taste, however, as a rule of thumb we recommend that the bigger the window the bigger the slat.

    • Are Venetian Blinds easy to operate?

      The slats are light and easy to tilt using either a control rod that you twist or 2 pull cords that you use to tilt in each direction. Opening and closing - raising and lowering - venetian blinds are quite light too with thin profile aluminium slats and so notwithstanding very large blinds, yes.

    • Are they guaranteed!?

      All of our products are guaranteed. We provide you with information about how to operate your blinds for many years of enjoyment.

    Vertical Blinds

    • Are vertical blinds for offices?

      Whilst vertical blinds are suited to and a popular choice for offices, they are also very popular within the residential market. They are a good value solution, particularly for larger windows and doors. There are some on trend colours and patterns that stand out and lend moreso to a home than an office.

    • How long does fitting take?

      This will depend on the number of vertical blinds you have and their size. As a very rough guide around 20-30 minutes per blind is an average. Once the brackets are secured, the headrail will clip in and the pre-prepared and weighted louvres can be hung. Please note that this can vary considerably depending on what we are fitting into and the size of the window.

    • Can I just replace my louvres?

      n theory yes you can, depending on your hardware system and state of your hangars? Provided these are compatible with our system, or still in tact, we can offer just a replacement louvre service for you. Please note, some older products may not adhere to current child-safety legislation and so would need to be adapted or replaced.

    • Are they guaranteed!?

      All of our products are guaranteed. We provide you with information about how to operate your blinds for many years of enjoyment.

    Wooden Venetian Blinds

    • Do you offer installation?

      Yes we do and we provide this service for nearly all of our customers. Our fit teams are fully trained and experts in all aspects of installation.

    • Should I chose real wood or faux wood?

      It is a personal choice, however there are a few things to consider. For damp or wet rooms, mostly bathrooms and kitchens, the faux-wood is the correct choice. If on a budget, faux-wood venetian blinds are slightly more competitive too. If you want a stained wood then it obviously has to be real wood, although our faux-wood also has a faux-grain! Come and see our samples!

    • Are they guaranteed!?

      All of our products are guaranteed. We provide you with information about how to operate your blinds for many years of enjoyment.

    • What colours are popular?

      Similar to plantation shutters, painted colours are especially popular at the moment. In particular whites and shades of grey are being installed far more frequently than the previously popular stained options. These light colours, particularly white, are very effective at reflecting light back thus brightening the room and the decor.

    Pleated Blinds

    • Are pleated blinds durable?

      Yes, pleated blinds are durable, as the single pleat or cellular design helps them to naturally maintain their shape as long as they are operated regularly and left open for a period of 8 hours or more every week or so. Also, they are easy to clean and maintain, which assists with the longevity of the blinds. When they are properly cared for, pleated blinds can last up to 10 years.

    • Are pleated blinds see-through?

      Pleated blinds describe a type of blind but it is the fabric that determines if they are see-through or not. They range from some very light voile style fabrics through to blackout fabrics, the more translucent the more you can see through the blind whilst maintaining privacy. Depending on the chosen fabric, when the blinds are down, you can achieve your desired level of privacy. A slight translucency means that during the daytime, a nice amount of light enters the home, without the damaging UV rays. The lighter the colour of your pleated blinds, the lighter the space will be. Even if you opt for a fabric that is slightly translucent, they still help to prevent heat loss in the winter and they prevent excess light and heat entering your home in the summer.

    • How do you clean pleated blinds?

      To clean your pleated blinds, carefully vacuum them regularly to remove the dust and use a duster in between vacuuming. If there are any light marks, use a damp cloth to remove them and leave the blinds down until they have fully dried. It is important that you regularly clean pleated blinds to help prevent permanent damage from dust and dirt and possibly trapped insects in the home.

    • What material are pleated blinds?

      Pleated blinds, like all blinds, are made up of two distinct parts. The hardware of the blind, which defines it’s generic appearance and operation, and the chosen fabric which allows our customers to choose and design the final appearance to suit their needs. The hardware of the blind is made of powder coated aluminium rails that give a neat and modern look and enable the cord-free operation – mainly white, these rails are also available in a few different colours including the currently popular anthracite grey. The fabric option, as you would imagine, has far more choice including different levels of openness and reflective qualities. Ultimately, for most customers, it is the colour and pattern that has the deciding factor. Technically, the fabric has to have several properties which make it suitable for pleated blinds; firstly it needs to retain its pleats which is known as memory, secondly it has to be cut into clean lines without fraying. For this reason, nearly all pleated fabrics are made of non-woven polyester.

    • Are pleated blinds suitable for any room?

      Yes, pleated blinds are very versatile and can be adapted and suitable for any room in your home. The fabric choice and addition of perfect fit frames is important to tailor the amount of light control and privacy you require. It is a good idea to pick a more dim-out fabric for bedrooms, possibly with cellular fabric for even better light control. If it is just for privacy, then a more translucent fabric may be a better choice. However, whatever your requirements, pleated blinds can be an ideal choice for living spaces, bedrooms, kitchens, home offices and bathrooms. Moreover, they can be easily added as part of a double blind solution for ultimate control, contact us to find out more.

    Pleated Conservatory Blinds

    • How long do pleated conservatory blinds last?

      The longevity of your pleated conservatory blinds is largely reliant on how they are cared for. Generally, you can expect pleated conservatory blinds to last for around 10 years, but some materials may have a slightly shorter life due to being exposed to very high temperatures in the summer and very low temperatures in the winter.   To maximise the life of your pleated conservatory blinds, remove dust regularly, clean them with a slightly damp sponge and leave the blinds hanging down until completely dry. Avoid using any harsh chemicals to prevent damage. Blinds collect dust, dirt and hair very easily as well as insects, so cleaning them around once a month will help to stop any unnecessary damage and improve their longevity. We also recommend operating your pleated conservatory blinds regularly and leaving them open overnight about once a week to maintain the fabric memory and pleats.

    • What fabrics can pleated conservatory blinds be made of?

      We offer a range of different fabrics for our pleated conservatory blinds, some of them are single pleated and others are known as cellular or honeycomb. Our main suppliers, Eclipse and Louvolite, both provide a choice of practical and stylish alternative to traditional fabrics. Both are designed with conservatories in mind, with reflective, anti-glare, blackout and fire-retardant properties. With 100’s of colours to choose from and many desired properties, your decision between the two fabrics is likely to come down to your preferred design, rather than the technical properties, which can be very similar. 

    • Are pleated conservatory blinds blackout?

      When the word blackout is used, it refers to the pleated conservatory blinds fabric itself not allowing light through. The entire blinds solution is correctly referred to as dimout. It is worth highlighting that this is totally different to a blackout solution for a room or your conservatory.   Due to the nature of the design, there will be light ingested from around the edges of the blinds and also through the holes that are required for the support wires in single pleated roof blinds. Both Eclipse and Louvolite offer blackout options. As well as dimming out light, pleated conservatory blinds offer privacy, then can reduce noise and also keep heat in or out of the house, depending on the time of year.

    • How long does it take to fit pleated conservatory blinds?

      Every conservatory is different and so is the time it will take to fit your pleated conservatory blinds. The size and shape of your conservatory, along with the amount of windows it has and the complexity of the panels, will all combine to determine how long the fitting will take. Following a consultation, we will be able to provide an estimated installation time, however, for most conservatories it will be no longer than one day. You will be given either a morning or afternoon appointment and our installation experts will get in touch to give you notice before their arrival. We take the time to make sure that the installation is nothing short of perfect, as well as making sure you are completely happy with the finish before we leave.

    • Are your pleated conservatory blinds suitable for roof panels?

      Our pleated conservatory blinds are custom made, so they can be created to fit any intricate or complex shape of window, including conservatory roof panels. We pride ourselves on an unparalleled accuracy of manufacture and quality of installation, providing the perfect fit every time.

    Luxaflex Blinds

    • What are Luxaflex blinds made of?

      Luxaflex blinds are made from A++ energy-rated fabrics that are beneficial to the environment. They are incorporated with 40% recycled polyester and bamboo fibres made with 25% natural bamboo from sustainable plantations. This combination results in a modern contemporary system perfect for any home.

    • Do Luxaflex blinds offer UV protection?

      Luxaflex blinds are designed with UV protection in mind. When your Luxaflex blinds are closed they offer 99% UV protection and 88% UV protection when open. This UV protection means that your home decor won’t become faded or discoloured, as well as helping to protect you and your family against harmful UV rays.

    • How long do Luxaflex blinds last?

      You can expect Luxaflex blinds to last more than five years at a minimum, but with the correct care, this will be closer to ten years. Luxaflex blinds are easy to clean, meaning maintenance will not be an issue, which helps significantly with longevity.

    • Are Luxaflex blinds suitable for any room?

      Luxaflex blinds are suitable for any room in your home and they can be customised based on the room. You can select the same colour and cut of blind for each room in the house, but you can select different transparencies based on the requirements of each space. For example, you could opt for complete privacy in your bedroom and bathroom, then a lighter filter for the kitchen and living room. This can help significantly with heat and light control.

    • Do you offer consultations for Luxaflex blinds?

      Yes we do. The first stage in the process would either be for you to visit our showroom or for us to come to your home for an appointment at a time convenient to you. Following this, we will provide samples of our Luxaflex blinds and a quotation. For the actual installation of the Luxaflex blinds, you will be given either a morning or afternoon appointment and our team will keep you updated about their estimated time of arrival. After the installation, our team will show you how the blinds work, before ensuring you are completely happy with the finish.


    • What are custom blinds?

      Custom blinds are blinds that have been manufactured to fit your windows, anywhere in your home, perfectly. Each of our blinds are specially produced for your windows, resulting in a flawless finish and fit every time. You can select the type of blinds you want, the fabrics of the blinds and also any other design features. Traditional blinds rarely offer the level of customisation that is available when you choose customised blinds.  Custom window blinds also offer an exceptional solution if you have unique shaped windows, as you will no longer have to settle for ill-fitting or poor quality blinds that you simply aren’t happy with.

    • What are the benefits of customised blinds?

      There are so many benefits to custom blinds, as you can personalise the style options, they will fit to perfection and they offer an unparalleled quality. Additionally, when blinds are custom made, there is no room for cold to enter your home and for your heating to leave your home through windows during the winter.  Also, the perfect fit of custom blinds makes sure excess heat and light cannot enter your home in the summer months. This energy efficiency is a significant benefit of choosing customised blinds over regular blinds. 

    • How long does it take to install custom blinds?

      The time it takes to install custom blinds will differ depending on the type of blinds you are having fitted, how many are needed and also the shape of the windows. We will be able to give you a more accurate estimation of the installation time following an initial consultation.  For particular types of blinds, such as shutters and conservatory blinds, we will send a specialist surveyor for the installation. As some of our custom window blinds must be installed by us, we include the cost of installation in the price. We offer morning and afternoon appointments for our installation and members of our team will give regular updates about the expected time of arrival.  Once the installation is complete, we will make sure that you are completely happy with the blinds, before showing you how to use your custom blinds.

    • What materials can custom blinds come in?

      The beneficial thing about custom window blinds is that you have such a wide range of choices when it comes to the material. Our team of specialists will be able to give you advice on the best fabrics for your custom blinds depending on the specific room and the shape of the window. We are sure that you will find the right material for your home.  Different types of blinds tend to use specific materials, for example Venetian blinds are usually made of either wood or aluminium and roller blinds are usually made of high quality polyester. However, we will make sure that we provide every option available to you from our vast collection, so you can make the right choice for your home. 

    • How long do custom blinds last?

      Generally, custom blinds can last you up to ten years. After this point, depending on the material, they may start to discolour over time. Some blinds will last longer than 10 years if they have a timeless design and durable materials! It really does depend on the type of blinds you choose. It is also important to remember that having custom window blinds adds considerate value to your home and they can also help you to save a significant amount of energy over the years.  With the right maintenance, your customised blinds will last much longer. Make sure to regularly clean your blinds whilst also removing excess dirt or dust.

    Window Blinds

    • What are window blinds?

      Window blinds are a type of window covering that help you to control the amount of light entering the room. There are so many different types of window blinds out there to suit your needs, whether you want privacy, to save energy or you simply want them to look great in your home. After speaking with one of our experts and discussing your expectations and wants, they will be able to advise on the right options for you in terms of the style, material and even colour or design. Our window blinds are easily customisable, right down to the hardware, so you will certainly find the right blinds to suit your space. 

    • How long do window blinds last?

      The longevity of your window blinds depends on many different factors, including their material, how well they are maintained and also whether they are exposed to very hot or cold temperatures. However, our window blinds are made with the highest quality materials to limit any damage. So, you can expect window blinds to last between 8 and 10 years. They can last much longer than this though!

    • How do you clean window blinds?

      To clean your window blinds, make sure that you regularly dust and gently vacuum them to remove dust and potentially pet hairs. You should aim to do this weekly or every couple of weeks. To remove any marks, take a damp cloth with warm water and gently wipe it away. Make sure to leave the blinds hanging down until they are fully dry to prevent any mould forming. Keeping your blinds clean will help with longevity!

    • Which window blinds are best for kitchens?

      The main decision on which window blinds are best for kitchens will depend on how close they will be to where you are cooking. If the window blinds in your kitchen will be close to the cooking space, then they are likely to be exposed to moisture due to humidity, so faux-wood window shutters or Venetian blinds would be the best choices. This isn’t to say these are your only options, but they are likely to stay in great condition for the longest in this environment. Also, if there is a risk of splatter, choosing blinds that can easily be wiped down is important.  If the window blinds will be a decent distance away from the cooking area, then you can choose any blinds! 

    • Which window blinds are best for bedrooms?

      When it comes to choosing window blinds for your bedroom, the main priority is likely to be creating a darker environment for sleep as well as ensuring privacy. Light in your bedroom can have a serious impact on your sleep, so roller blinds provide the perfect solution. They provide excellent privacy and the majority of light will be blocked out. Also, style is a significant consideration for your bedroom window blinds. Roller blinds are available in so many different colours and designs to suit any aesthetic, making them a great choice for bedrooms.


    • What is retractable awning?

      Retractable awning is an adjustable extension that is attached to your home to provide shelter, sun protection and privacy, as well as providing the opportunity to create an al fresco dining area. Used in both commercial and domestic settings, retractable awnings can help to improve both the look and practicality of an outdoor space.

    • How do you clean retractable awning?

      To clean your retractable awning, start by using a broom to remove any cobwebs, leaves or loose dirt. Then, combine washing up liquid with warm water and start by gently wiping the frame. Take a soft bristled brush and gently clean the awning fabric all over, also with a soapy water mixture. Once any dirt is removed, rinse everything well with a hose. Doing this on a sunny day will help it to dry quickly! If you have left it a while between cleans, you may need to contact a professional to have the retractable awning cleaned deeply.  You should clean your domestic retractable awning at least once a year, if not twice. Commercial retractable awnings should be cleaned every 4 to 8 weeks.

    • How long do retractable awnings last?

      The longevity of your retractable awning will depend on how heavily exposed it is to harsh weather conditions. This will depend on the location or positioning of your house or commercial property. However, making sure that you clean it properly and regularly, and also retract it during harsh weather, will increase its potential lifetime. Allowing the fabric to dry and not leave it retracted when wet will also help. On average, the frame section of retractable awnings can last over 20 years. Due to the constant exposure to weather, the fabric element will need to be replaced more regularly.

    • What are the different retractable awning fabrics?

      We offer a wide range of retractable awning fabrics that are all treated to protect them. This means that they have a coating to prevent mould and although not designed for wet weather, will provide protection from light rain. Our experienced sales advisors can talk you through our options to make sure that we find the right material for you.  At Blind Technique, we offer a high-quality range of fabrics from an Italian textile company that specialise in outdoor fabrics. There are plain options across a spectrum of colours and of course the more traditional jacquard fabrics and stripes that are ever-popular choices for awnings. You can also choose to add a matching fabric valance to your awning to provide that extra bit of sun protection from the low evening sun.

    • How long does it take to install retractable awnings?

      The first part of installing an awning is to install the brackets. Due to the heavy weight and loads, all of our awnings are chemi-fixed and depending on the outside temperature, this can take a couple of hours to set. Once the brackets are secured then the awning is ready to be attached and set up ready for your use.  The size and shape of the retractable awning, as well as the shape of the house, will also determine how long the fitting process will be. Generally, the bigger the awning and the more complex the install, the longer it will take.  After a consultation with one of our experts, you will be given an estimated installation time on a particular day. However, as a rough guide, you can expect around half a day to install your awning.

    Conservatory Roof Blinds

    • What are the different types of conservatory roof blinds?

      Owing to the often-complex shapes of conservatory roof panels, most conservatory roof blinds are pleated. This is because we can cut and make this style of blind into any triangular shape required. It is a skilled job to both survey and manufacture these blinds and something that we have done at Blind Technique for many years.  If you have a rectangular opening that contains a roof lantern or flat skylight window then, as well as pleated, you can opt for a roller zip blind. This type of blind is like a horizontal roller blind and has side zip channels that support the fabric and also provide a good level of dimout, fabric choice depending.

    • What are the benefits of conservatory roof blinds?

      The main benefits of having conservatory roof blinds in your home are that they help to prevent your conservatory from becoming too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. Particularly in the winter, preventing heat from escaping and preventing cold from coming into your home can save you significant amounts of energy and therefore, money. Additionally, conservatory roof blinds really help with privacy and security, especially from nearby neighbours or if you have expensive possessions in your conservatory. Not to mention, they look great and can easily be adapted to the style of your home!

    • How do you clean conservatory roof blinds?

      Every week or two weeks, take a duster and run it all over your conservatory roof blinds. This will help to remove any dust or animal hairs, preventing them from building up over time. If you feel that your blinds need more of a clean, take a damp sponge and dip it into a mixture of mild soap and warm water. Gently wipe each of the blinds, making sure that you leave them hanging down until they are fully dry. It is best to do this in the summer months, as they will dry much quicker.

    • What fabrics are available for conservatory roof blinds?

      The two main ranges of conservatory roof blinds fabrics that we offer are Louvolite and Eclipse. Both of these fabrics help with light and temperature control, with the temperature element being particularly important for conservatories.  Louvolite offers pleated and roller conservatory roof blind fabrics that are scientifically tested to control temperature, as well as having a range of different options to suit any style or taste. Eclipse solely offers pleated conservatory roof blind fabrics with properties including blackout, fire resistance and wipe clean.  All of our fabrics are available to view in our showroom or if you would like to see them in your own home, book an appointment with one of our sales team who will bring plenty of samples along with them.

    • How long do conservatory roof blinds last?

      The longevity of your conservatory roof blinds will depend on a few factors. Firstly, if you care for the blinds properly, remove dust and give them a deep clean every so often, they will stay looking great for longer. Also, if your conservatory roof blinds are exposed to a significant amount of heat, this could mean they have a slightly shorter lifespan.  We would also recommend operating your conservatory roof blinds regularly and also leaving them open around once a week so that the fabric memory is maintained.

    Allusion Blinds

    • What are allusion blinds?

      Allusion blinds are a cross between a curtain, vertical blind and voile and they are the perfect window dressing solution for the modern home. They can be fitted to windows, patio doors and large bi-folding or sliding doors, making them a diverse choice that will look beautiful in your home. Allusion blinds allow maximum light in your home when they are in full view, you can enjoy a partial view and subtly diffused light for privacy with the daytime view or you can opt for total privacy that is ideal for the evening.

    • Are allusion blinds expensive?

      The combined weave and sheer fabric and the more complex manufacturing process mean that allusion blinds are more expensive than an equivalent sized vertical blind. However, for large windows, choosing allusion blinds can still be a cost-effective solution. We offer no-obligation quotations so you can compare your different options and find the best fit for your home. Contact us for a quotation or to arrange an at-home consultation!

    • How long does it take to fit allusion blinds?

      This will depend on the number of allusion blinds you have and their size. As a very rough guide, around 30-45 minutes per blind is an average. Once the brackets are secured, the headrail or pelmet will clip in and the pre-prepared fabric panels can be hung. Please note that this can vary considerably depending on what we are fitting into and the size of the window. After a consultation with one of our team, you will be given a more accurate fitting time!

    • Can allusion blinds be fitted to a vertical blind track?

      In theory, yes they can. However, the spacing on allusion blinds is different, so you would need more fabric panels and they wouldn't sit properly. Therefore, we do not recommend this and instead suggest ordering the complete product. Allusion blind fabric panels can be interchanged as and when you wish at a later date.

    • Types of allusion blinds fabric

      There are two main types of allusion blinds fabric available in a wide variety of shades to suit the aesthetic of your home. The first is the Horizon fabric, which is a sheer and textured woven material in neutral and calming tones. The second is Vista, a flame retardant range of fabrics that offer a sophisticated sheer perfect for any modern home. If you are unsure about the right material for your home, come to see our showroom, or book an at-home consultation and one of our specialists will bring a range of fabric samples so you can make the perfect choice. 

    INTU Blinds

    • What are INTU blinds?

      INTU blinds are a modern type of blind that requires no drilling, meaning your home can immediately be updated. This is enabled by a tension system that can fit into the window beading already found in most UPVC windows and glazed doors. You can arrange a free at-home consultation or you can visit our showroom and our team of experts can advise on whether INTU blinds are the right choice for you.

    • Advantages of INTU blinds

      The first benefit of INTU blinds is that you can protect your windows, as they don’t require any drilling. They are child safe as they have no long, looped cords, making them one of the safest types of blinds available. Cleaning is really simple, as they can easily be removed, which is especially beneficial for complex conservatory blinds. INTU blinds can also easily be controlled to increase or decrease the amount of sunlight entering your home, as well as improving insulation and enhancing privacy. 

    • How to clean INTU blinds

      INTU blinds are very simple to clean and maintain. All you need to do is regularly dust the blinds, then wipe them down using a cloth and warm soapy water every so often. When you are wiping them down with water, make sure that you leave them hanging down until they are fully dry. A benefit of INTU blinds is that they can be quickly unclipped, making the cleaning process much more simple than with other blinds.

    • How long does it take to fit INTU blinds?

      Fitting INTU blinds is much quicker than alternative types of blinds, as they can easily be clipped into the frame of your window or door, without the need for drilling. This can take a matter of minutes, depending on how many blinds are being fitted. Following an initial consultation, you will be given a more accurate installation time.

    • Which rooms are INTU blinds suited to?

      INTU blinds are an extremely diverse option, with a range of fabrics, textures and finishes available to suit any space. For this reason, they work well in any room that has the window beading required, including kitchens, conservatories, bedrooms and more! Get in touch with us to get advice on whether INTU blinds are the best choice for your home. 

    • What is the difference between INTU blinds and Perfect Fit Blinds?

      INTU blinds and Perfect Fit blinds are relatively similar, so some people struggle to choose which one is right for their home. Perfect Fit blinds also feature a no drill, no screw installation system, like INTU blinds, but they can work better when larger blinds are required. During an at-home consultation, our team can advise on whether INTU blinds or Perfect Fit blinds are best for your home. 

    Conservatory Blinds

    • How to clean conservatory blinds

      To clean your bespoke conservatory blinds, carefully vacuum or dust them regularly to remove any excess dust, insects, or pet hairs. To give them a deeper clean, use a damp cloth and a gentle cleaning product to wipe down the blinds. A weak mixture of warm water and washing up liquid works well. Extend them fully and allow them to completely dry. It is best to clean your conservatory blinds in warm weather, so that they dry quickly and don’t cause any mold to develop. The best way to maintain your blinds is to have them professionally cleaned once a year.

    • How to remove mould from conservatory blinds

      If you experience condensation in your conservatory, this might translate into mold growing on your blinds. It would be worth mentioning this and a member of our team can advise on the best type of conservatory blinds to avoid mold growing where possible. Ventilating your conservatory and allowing bigger gaps between the blind and the window really helps as does selecting a specially treated mould resistant conservatory blind fabric. When mould grows just on a small area, first try wiping it with a dry cloth. If this doesn’t work, fill a bucket with warm water and add a small amount of white vinegar and lemon juice. Use a cloth to wipe away the mould and then use a clean damp cloth to remove any of the solution from the blinds. Allow them to dry fully. If the mold is quite severe, it would be best to have your conservatory blinds professionally cleaned.

    Conservatory Roller Blinds

    • How to clean conservatory roller blinds

      To clean your conservatory roller blinds, simply extend the blinds fully and then gently vacuum them to remove any dust, insects, or pet hair. You should do this occasionally, particularly in the summer, to prevent build up. Then, to deep clean them every few months, create a weak mixture of warm water and washing up liquid and very gently clean the blinds with a soft cloth. Leave them extended fully until the blinds are completely dry. It is best to avoid cleaning your conservatory roller blinds in colder weather, to make sure that they dry quickly.

    • How long does it take to install conservatory roller blinds?

      The time it will take to install your conservatory roller blind will depend on a few different factors. Firstly, the size of your conservatory and the number of blinds you require can significantly alter the time it will take for your blinds to be installed. If you decide on a zip conservatory roller blind, there will usually be 2 or 3 installers and each zip blind will take around 2 hours to install and commission. The shape of your roof and windows will also need to be taken into account, as more complex shaped windows will take longer to install. Whether you choose manual or motorised blinds can also alter installation time.  As a rough estimate, an average sized conservatory with all new roof and window blinds will take around a day to install. After a home consultation, a more accurate time frame will be provided. 

    • Are conservatory roller blinds expensive?

      As all our conservatory roller blinds are made to measure and bespoke, there is a greater cost associated than if you were to take the measurements yourself and buy off-the-shelf products. However, considering the quality of our blinds and the benefits that come with having them custom made (more energy efficient, better quality, guaranteed and a better finish), they are relatively not expensive. This is especially the case when comparing our conservatory roller blind prices to competitors, as we are very competitively priced and offer expert installation.

    • Are conservatory roller blinds made to measure?

      Yes, all our conservatory roller blinds are made to measure, meaning you have complete control over the type of blinds, the fabric used and whether they are manual or motorised. We offer free at-home consultations where precise measurements are taken, so you know that they will fit perfectly in your home. Our team will be able to advise on the best options for your home specifically, free of charge. These are all benefits that you simply don’t get with off the shelf blinds!

    • How long do conservatory roller blinds last?

      How long your conservatory roller blinds last will depend on your home and how well they are maintained, although as a rough estimate, you can expect your blinds to last for many years. Some materials may have a slightly shorter life as a result of being exposed to both high and low temperatures in the conservatory. This is where the advice of our experts will become useful, to help you decide on the best materials for your home specifically.  To help your conservatory roller blinds to last for as long as possible, operate and clean them regularly!

    Duo Vision Blinds

    • What are Duo Vision blinds?

      Duo Vision blinds are an innovative new type of roller blind, with a stylish design that also allows for optimum light and privacy control. This is enabled through the two layers of translucent and opaque striped fabric that move independently from each other. Thanks to the easy controls, you can then adjust the Duo Vision blinds according to each space, so they can be fitted and suit the needs of every room in your home.

    • How do you clean Duo Vision blinds?

      To clean your Duo Vision blinds, carefully vacuum them regularly to remove any dust or pet hairs. For a deeper clean, use a slightly damp cloth to wipe down the blinds. Either warm water, or a weak mixture of washing up liquid and warm water, works well. Leave your Duo Vision blinds fully extended to dry. It is also advised that you have your blinds cleaned professionally once a year. If your Duo Vision blinds get marked or stained, remove with a damp cloth as soon as possible.

    • What is the difference between Duo blinds and Vision blinds?

      Duo blinds, Vision blinds, Duo Vision blinds, Duo Roller, DuoRol and Twist Blind are all different terms for the same blinds. You will likely see these terms used interchangeably. 

    • Are Duo blinds made to measure?

      Yes, all of our Duo blinds are made to measure. Following a free home-consultation, we can provide a quote and take measurements to make sure that the Duo Vision blinds are the perfect fit for your home. If your chosen fabric is in stock, we can manufacture and install your Duo Vision blinds in 3-4 weeks. We will always be able to give you an accurate time frame following your consultation.

    • How long do Duo Vision blinds last?

      You can expect your Duo Vision blinds to last up to ten years. Many will last longer than this thanks to the durable materials, but it is possible that they may discolour around this time. Over the course of the ten years, your Duo Vision blinds will help to save a significant amount of energy and will be a great design feature in your home. To increase the lifespan of your blinds, make sure to clean them regularly.

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