Pleated Blinds

Pleated blinds are neat, modern and an increasingly popular choice.

Pleated blinds offer a fashionable modern look for your windows or conservatory and are tailor-made to fit the most intricate and complicated windows. They are particularly suited to conservatory roof blinds. Blind Technique manufactures all of these pleated blinds by hand in the UK and it is this accuracy of manufacture and quality of installation that gives you perfect results every time. You can choose from a wide range of shades, colours and patterns for your pleated blinds that are available in a beautiful range of fabrics, including our technically advanced fabrics.

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The manufacturing process, at our main factory workshop just outside London, employs a friction system which means that the pleated blinds can be placed in any position from fully open to fully closed and stay there without any cables, cords, or ties.


Advantages of Pleated Blinds

  • Easy to operate - no messy or dangling control cables
  • Neat, tidy and stylish blind product - modern and contemporary
  • Child friendly - no cords or loose cables
  • Increased privacy and light control - including single pleat and cellular fabric
  • Available in Perfect Fit frames
  • Available as a Day and Night pleated blind
  • Available as matching side window and roof blinds


Pleated Blinds - Technical Advancements

In the UK, pleated blinds have benefitted from many technical advancements and changes in trends over recent years. There has been a total shift in the market from 25mm pleats, no longer available, to 20mm pleats. Today, at Blind Technique we manufacture all our blinds in 20mm pleats with a high spec European system including a strengthened 22mm headrail. The main advantages are a smaller and neater appearance, an improved ability to fit intricate and shaped windows, and an overall tidier and better aesthetic. This reduction in pleat size has also made them an ever increasingly popular choice with the perfect-fit system and the INTU system. Perfect-fit pleated blinds fit directly into the window frame with no drilling or screwing, giving the ultimate finish. We can also motorise our pleated blinds. For more information and to see a video example, click through to our motorisation page.


The Range of Pleated Blinds From Blind Technique

As Blind Technique manufactures all pleated blinds in our factory in Eastcote, Middlesex (NW London), we will be delighted to demonstrate how they work in our showroom. If you are interested, we can show you around the factory too. Equally we are always happy to arrange an appointment at your convenience when we will visit you in your home. This way we can advise you on the best options available. Each of our team has first-hand knowledge of the manufacturing process and has spent time making blinds in our London based factory. They will bring with them demonstration blinds to explain the operation as well as our full range of fabrics including single pleat and cellular often known as honeycomb.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are pleated blinds durable?

    Yes, pleated blinds are durable, as the single pleat or cellular design helps them to naturally maintain their shape as long as they are operated regularly and left open for a period of 8 hours or more every week or so. Also, they are easy to clean and maintain, which assists with the longevity of the blinds. When they are properly cared for, pleated blinds can last up to 10 years.

  • Are pleated blinds see-through?

    Pleated blinds describe a type of blind but it is the fabric that determines if they are see-through or not. They range from some very light voile style fabrics through to blackout fabrics, the more translucent the more you can see through the blind whilst maintaining privacy. Depending on the chosen fabric, when the blinds are down, you can achieve your desired level of privacy. A slight translucency means that during the daytime, a nice amount of light enters the home, without the damaging UV rays. The lighter the colour of your pleated blinds, the lighter the space will be. Even if you opt for a fabric that is slightly translucent, they still help to prevent heat loss in the winter and they prevent excess light and heat entering your home in the summer.

  • How do you clean pleated blinds?

    To clean your pleated blinds, carefully vacuum them regularly to remove the dust and use a duster in between vacuuming. If there are any light marks, use a damp cloth to remove them and leave the blinds down until they have fully dried. It is important that you regularly clean pleated blinds to help prevent permanent damage from dust and dirt and possibly trapped insects in the home.

  • What material are pleated blinds?

    Pleated blinds, like all blinds, are made up of two distinct parts. The hardware of the blind, which defines it’s generic appearance and operation, and the chosen fabric which allows our customers to choose and design the final appearance to suit their needs. The hardware of the blind is made of powder coated aluminium rails that give a neat and modern look and enable the cord-free operation – mainly white, these rails are also available in a few different colours including the currently popular anthracite grey. The fabric option, as you would imagine, has far more choice including different levels of openness and reflective qualities. Ultimately, for most customers, it is the colour and pattern that has the deciding factor. Technically, the fabric has to have several properties which make it suitable for pleated blinds; firstly it needs to retain its pleats which is known as memory, secondly it has to be cut into clean lines without fraying. For this reason, nearly all pleated fabrics are made of non-woven polyester.

  • Are pleated blinds suitable for any room?

    Yes, pleated blinds are very versatile and can be adapted and suitable for any room in your home. The fabric choice and addition of perfect fit frames is important to tailor the amount of light control and privacy you require. It is a good idea to pick a more dim-out fabric for bedrooms, possibly with cellular fabric for even better light control. If it is just for privacy, then a more translucent fabric may be a better choice. However, whatever your requirements, pleated blinds can be an ideal choice for living spaces, bedrooms, kitchens, home offices and bathrooms. Moreover, they can be easily added as part of a double blind solution for ultimate control, contact us to find out more.

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