Roof Blinds

In essence, any blind that is designed for a window that is angled a certain amount and not vertical can be described as a roof blind. It will perform all the necessary functions; cover an opening, open and close, and perform similarly to any other blind. However, there are also a different set of requirements both in terms of manufacture and function. Falling into this category are therefore quite a few different styles with quite a few different functions. For example a Velux™ or skylight blind would be classed as one particular type and the angle of the window, will determine the options available. Roller blinds and pleated blinds are popular choices, and for windows closer to the vertical plane, venetian blinds will also work. Totally horizontal blinds, depending upon their size, place the most pressure on the fabric and guide wires to hold them in placel. Special so called Zip Blinds or SHY blinds provide top end solutions for these openings. The majority of this market however is made up of Conservatory Blinds of which Blind Technique specialises and has been doing so for over 25 years.

Conservatory Roof Blinds

When it comes to surveying and manufacturing, experience plays an important part and technical know-how is of prime importance. As a specialist manufacturer of roof blinds, we supply not only to our retail customers but also to a large number of other blind companies, soft furnishings retailers, and interior designers. Our 2 tier service means that, for these other businesses, we either offer a supply only product for those with the ability to survey and fit, or a full survey, manufacture and fit service for the others. Based on the outskirts of London in Middlesex, means we are in a great geographical position to service much of our local area and further afield. Don't worry, if you are outside of our direct catchment we are still able to help you my referring your enquiry to one of our nationwide colleagues, where they will deal with you directly but the blinds will still be manufactured by us.

Our Catchment Area

If you are interested in any of our products and services, then you are in the right place and we will be happy to help you. We provide a FREE no obligation quotation that can be initially given over the phone if requested, or equally we will be able to come and visit you at a suitable time. All of our team carry their iPads with them and are able to work out a quotation there and then using our bespoke web based application. As well as showing you, we can also e-mail this directly to you. As we are based in NW London, we cover most of the area into West London, our immediate local area of Middlesex and most of the home counties near us of Buckinghamshire, Surrey, Hertfordshire, Oxfordshire & Berkshire.

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