Conservatory Blinds

Our range of made to measure conservatory blinds have been our speciality at Blind Technique for almost 20 years as our flagship product when we started our family-run business.

We have great control over the production process as we locally manufacture window and conservatory blinds from the same family of fabrics here at our Eastcote, Middlesex location.

At Blind Technique, we can manufacture, supply and install your high quality and guaranteed bespoke conservatory blinds. Guiding you every step of the way for you to discover the right product at the right price. Arrange a FREE home consultation to access expert advice from our team. 


Which Conservatory Blinds Are Right For You?

Conservatory blinds differ from other options in terms of their suitability. Some types and styles are more suited to the needs of this room than others and some benefit from being specifically designed for this space. You may also wish to consider coordinating your roof and window blinds in your conservatory to maximise the impact of your chosen decorative theme. During a free at-home sales appointment, our team will be able to advise on the right choices for your home. 

At Blind Technique we offer the most popular and practical options for your bespoke conservatory blinds:

  • Pleated Blinds – Most popular, available in technical fabrics
  • Roller Blinds – Simple & stylish, also available in high-tec fabrics
  • Perfect-fit – available as pleated and 25mm Aluminium Venetian Blinds

Benefits of Conservatory Blinds

Made to measure conservatory blinds help to control the temperature of your conservatory. Our range of technical fabrics are designed to keep you cool in the summer and prevent heat-loss in the winter to save you energy and money. Bespoke conservatory blinds are an investment you may wish to make to maximise your use and enjoyment of this unique room in your home without temperature being a concern.

Light management is another benefit of conservatory blinds, as light has a direct impact on the temperature of your conservatory. If your conservatory is too bright in the summer, it can be overbearing. This can be controlled through conservatory blinds to help you enjoy the room more comfortably. 

The element of privacy that comes with conservatory blinds is also a benefit, along with the ability to reduce noise to a minimum. Finally, made to measure conservatory blinds can completely change the aesthetic of the room, helping to refresh and modernise the space.


Types of Conservatory Blinds

  • Pleated Conservatory Roof Blinds – Most popular, available in technical fabrics
  • Shaped Roof Blinds
  • Blinds for Roof Lanterns
  • Blinds for Skylight Windows
  • Plus, other Bespoke Conservatory Blinds
Conservatory Blinds London
Window Blinds High Wycombe


Motorised Conservatory Blinds

Advances in technology have improved the reliability and affordability of the motorised option for your bespoke conservatory blinds. We choose Somfy motors for most of our conservatory blinds which are quieter and more efficient than others. Also, sometimes battery-operated models offer you the elegant balance between form and function as you conveniently control how your conservatory blinds work for you at home.


Why Choose Blind Technique For Your Conservatory Blinds?

  • We are conservatory blind specialists for over 25 years
  • These bespoke conservatory blinds are made by us locally in Eastcote
  • We are a family run business with no pushy sales staff
  • Our conservatory blinds are high-quality and guaranteed

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much do conservatory blinds cost?

    Our conservatory blinds are always made to measure, and can be fitted to your conservatory roof, or windows, or both. As a result of this, the price of conservatory blinds depends on several factors. The first being the size of your conservatory; the number of blinds you require and whether the roof blinds are shaped or rectangular. Secondly the type of conservatory blinds you would like; usually pleated blinds, roller blinds, or zip blinds for the roof and more options for the side blinds.  Then within each category there is a wide range of fabrics for conservatory blinds, that have different price bands, and finally whether they are motorised or manual. For these reasons it is quite hard to give an idea of price unless we know the size and shape of your conservatory and the type of blinds you would like. If you can provide this then we will be happy to give you an estimate, and of course, our sales appointments are free.  As with any product that is bespoke or made to measure - there is a greater cost associated than similar off the shelf standard sized products. Blind Technique manufactures all of our bespoke conservatory blinds for both retail and trade customers, and with years of experience we are very competitively priced offering a high-quality bespoke product that is expertly installed. Getting that extra use out of your conservatory means conservatory blinds are often seen as a necessity as opposed to a luxury and therefore relatively not so expensive.

  • How long will my conservatory blinds take to make?

    Providing your chosen material or fabric is available or in stock, we can typically manufacture and install your conservatory blinds in 3-4 weeks. The installation date may take a little bit longer when we are very busy, but we will always give you an accurate time frame when you contact us.

  • How long does it take to install conservatory blinds?

    This will depend on the size of the conservatory and the type of conservatory blinds you are looking for. Though as a rough estimate, an average size conservatory can usually be installed with window and roof blinds in approximately one full day. Again, when we have more detail regarding the type of conservatory blinds and the size of your conservatory, we will be able to give you a more accurate time frame.

  • How to clean conservatory blinds

    To clean your bespoke conservatory blinds, carefully vacuum or dust them regularly to remove any excess dust, insects, or pet hairs. To give them a deeper clean, use a damp cloth and a gentle cleaning product to wipe down the blinds. A weak mixture of warm water and washing up liquid works well. Extend them fully and allow them to completely dry. It is best to clean your conservatory blinds in warm weather, so that they dry quickly and don’t cause any mold to develop. The best way to maintain your blinds is to have them professionally cleaned once a year.

  • How to remove mould from conservatory blinds

    If you experience condensation in your conservatory, this might translate into mold growing on your blinds. It would be worth mentioning this and a member of our team can advise on the best type of conservatory blinds to avoid mold growing where possible. Ventilating your conservatory and allowing bigger gaps between the blind and the window really helps as does selecting a specially treated mould resistant conservatory blind fabric. When mould grows just on a small area, first try wiping it with a dry cloth. If this doesn’t work, fill a bucket with warm water and add a small amount of white vinegar and lemon juice. Use a cloth to wipe away the mould and then use a clean damp cloth to remove any of the solution from the blinds. Allow them to dry fully. If the mold is quite severe, it would be best to have your conservatory blinds professionally cleaned.

  • REALLY impressed by every aspect of our order with Blind Technique. The staff were, without exception, readily accessible (a big plus these days), friendly, engaged, and professional. We knew what was going on at every stage and the final outcome is superb; the plantation blinds look and feel well made and have added very positively to the look of the front of our house.

    Great Customer Service
  • Very pleased with all aspects of job. Would like to commend Wayne and his team for their efforts. The blinds look great and the quality is excellent.

    Vertical blinds fitted on all windows and Patio door
  • The team were incredibly professional, honest and friendly from start to finish. Aaron quickly understood our brief and what we were after, made good and useful suggestions, all within our budget. The installer Joseph was also fantastic - very efficient, helpful and knowledgeable. We're really pleased with the final product! Would highly recommend. 

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  • In a competitive market, Blind Technique stands out. They offer sensible, objective advice and their products and pricing are excellent. Allied with incredibly responsive customer service, they are a local business that does things the right way.

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  • What a great service! Great customer service from the first moment I walked in to the shop. You can tell that the team is well organised and the environment is friendly. I was looking for some particular blinds for my living room and Jon understood exactly what i was looking for! Very impressed, I already recommended this place to all my neighbours :)    

    Recommended to my neighbours!
  • Blind Technique did a superb job on the roof blinds for my conservatory. They fit the difficult shape exactly and are easy to draw open or shut. They are a replacement for the blinds the company did years ago, which I have been very pleased with, and I am very happy with the new ones.

    Conservatory Blind Experts
  • Aaron is great, no messing about. I expect their service to be great too 😂.... After Installation feedback: still 5 stars.. There was a problem with the original order and an unsatisfactory finish to my job. The whole issue was resolved very quickly and professionally to my complete satisfaction I have absolutely no hesitation in thoroughly recommending Aaron Jozeph Elaine and their team 👍👍😁😃😁👍👍

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  • The blinds are terrific !!! Really beautiful. And Joseph was a dream. What a craftsman. from Chris Evans.

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