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Blinds For Your Bedroom

image of bedroom with white blinds

Blinds work wonderfully in bedrooms, as they offer a modern and effective solution to poor sleep through room darkening, whilst also offering privacy. Too much light in your bedroom can cause your sleep cycle to be interrupted, so installing blinds can significantly help to improve your ability to have a good night’s sleep. We would advise choosing roller blinds for your bedroom. This is the most effective choice when it comes to room darkening especially, as they function as blackout blinds, blocking the majority of light from coming through to your bedroom. Some roller blinds can be made from a thicker material which helps with noise reduction, also helpful when it comes to sleep! The vast choice when it comes to material and design make roller blinds a versatile choice that you can make work for your interior style.

Blinds For Your Kitchen

Your choice when it comes to kitchen blinds depends mainly on the proximity of your blinds to your cooking area. If your blinds will be positioned in a space where splatter from cooking won’t be an issue, then you have free reign when it comes to the material. The only thing to consider here would be moisture, as kitchens tend to be quite humid during cooking. If the blinds are going to be near to where you cook, then either faux-wood shutters or polyester roller blinds would be the best options. Both choices are resistant to moisture and water, can easily be wiped clean and offer optimal light control and privacy. Choosing a darker colour would be advised if splattering is a risk, although both faux-wood shutters and polyester roller blinds are largely stain resistant. 

​Blinds For Your Living Area

image of living area with white blinds

When it comes to the living room, wooden shutters are perfect. They won’t be exposed to much moisture, they let plenty of light in during the day without needing to fully expose the window and you can have complete privacy during the evenings. Wooden blinds look sophisticated and also cosy, the perfect combination for any living space. Wooden blinds are an investment, but they will last for years, can be tailored to almost any size or shape of window and they are also effective in reducing heat loss. The classic and timeless design of wooden shutters will also add value to any home!

​​Blinds For Your Bathroom

For your bathroom blinds, you need to choose a style that can withstand moisture and gives you privacy. Faux-wood venetian blinds look fantastic in any bathroom, they can withstand damp environments well and they are competitive in terms of price. They are also less prone to cracking or warping compared to wooden blinds. Made using PVC plastic, the faux-grain on the blinds make them look like real wood. For anyone other than an expert, telling the difference between faux-wood blinds and real wooden blinds would be a challenge! If you want bathroom blinds that are easier to clean, we would recommend roller blinds. Like faux-wood venetian blinds, they can withstand the moisture and heat from warm showers and they can easily be cleaned to remove any dust or dirt with either a vacuum cleaner or warm, soapy water. Either choice can be cleaned relatively easily, so don’t be put off faux-wood venetian blinds if cleaning is the only deciding factor. 

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