Room Inspiration: The Best Blinds for Kitchens

best blinds for kitchens

When choosing the best blinds for kitchens – the place so many of us think of when we picture the ‘heart of the home,’ consider all options. The kitchen is the hub of family time – where we often cook together, eat together and discuss successes and challenges of the day, together. When selecting your perfect custom blinds from Blind Technique, prioritise choices which enhance your enjoyment of this social space – as it works for you – in the design, construction, daily operation plus ease of cleaning and maintenance.

The best blinds for kitchens, with a high-performance fabric of your choice, are often ones which are moisture-resistant, stain-resistant and able to be easily wiped clean at the end of every day, without having to un-install them to do so. The best blinds for kitchens, also manage maximum daylight/blackout functionality so you can work (food preparation or study) and/or relax, easily.

The best blinds for kitchens – a purpose-led checklist  

  • Window positioning – is the kitchen window over the sink or over the counter space? Balance privacy requirements with the need to manage light levels plus the ability to repel moisture and regular food and drink splashes from your chosen custom blinds as they represent the best blinds for kitchens, for you.
  • Room purpose – is your kitchen just for food preparation or do you have a kitchen/diner? Does your kitchen (specifically the kitchen table) also need to be versatile enough to serve as ‘Homework HQ,’ too? Managing light and privacy plus providing a distraction barrier to the outside world when it comes to student study could be vital in your family kitchen.
  • Current/new home design scheme – is it a subtle aesthetic nod to a current theme or are you ready to make a focal point and so an impactful design statement, instead? Depending on the significance of the aesthetic, it could influence your choice of the best blinds for kitchens for you.
  • Window dressing budget –the price point between your preferred choices for the best blinds for kitchens can vary. There is no reason why you cannot proceed with Roller Blinds to start, with a view to upgrade to Plantation Shutters if you feel you wish to, later on, for example.
  • Window dressing timeframe – Plantation Shutters from Blind Technique are ‘made to survey’ – especially for you – so the lead time can be, for UK manufactured faux wood shutters, just 3 weeks! A Roller Blind, in contrast, may be able to be expertly installed for you sooner. We can help you choose the best blinds for kitchens for you, for your individual schedule.
  • Window dressing familiarity – the best blinds for kitchens could depend on the one you were happy to purchase before. You could simply wish to buy a ‘like for like’ replacement. If this is the case, we would be delighted to help you select the latest model – contact us, today.

The best blinds for kitchens – custom blinds choices from Blind Technique

Roller Blinds – the ultimate functional blind, with a choice of a high performance fabric which is not just design-led but technically able, too. If your kitchen is exceptionally busy you could choose a Roller Blind with motorisation.

Venetians Blinds – the timeless option where the material choice really lends itself to becoming one of the best blinds for kitchens. Consider a faux-wood venetian blind which is both waterproof and resistant to warping or even a robust waterproof aluminium venetian blind for durability.

Plantation Shutters – a truly versatile choice when it comes to the best blinds for kitchens. Choose classic ‘made to survey’ shutters crafted from faux wood or exceptionally lightweight vinyl so they can withstand the atmospheric demands of the modern family kitchen, by design.

Duo-Vision Blinds – an innovative option for the best blinds for kitchens. It features two layers of translucent and opaque horizontal striped fabric which move independently from one another. Offering just the right light and privacy levels, Duo-Vision Blinds can also help provide a distraction barrier from the outside world (in a similar way to Roller Blinds) to aid concentration when ‘Homework HQ’ is in session, before or after dinner!

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