What Blinds Are Best For Patio Doors?

Patio doors – whether they’re French, sliding or bifold – allow you to bring the outside in. You get to enjoy your garden from the shade of your armchair. You get to listen to the birds while you nibble on a croissant. You can lounge on your patio and be a short walk from a cool beverage from your fridge.

Your patio doors also create a wall of glass that lets the baking sun in, and when winter comes you’re so much more likely to feel the cold from outside. Your patio doors can also expose you more to nosey neighbours. And what’s the point of opening your living space to nature when that means insects and pigeons can come in too?

Thankfully, by choosing the best blinds for your patio doors, you’ll be protected from neighbours, insects, cold and heat, and you’ll be free to enjoy the benefits of patio doors. So here’s a brief guide to help you decide which blinds are best for your patio doors.

Vertical blinds are the best blinds for your patio doors

The big plus of having Vertical blinds for your patio doors is that they’ll aid your ease of egress through those doors. It’s so much easier to slide between the fully opened louvres while balancing cordials and gin without having to worry about getting entangled in doors and cords.

The most desirable of vertical blinds is the Allusion blind. Part vertical louvre, part sheer curtain, these blinds allow you to slip in and out wherever and however your doors open. And when the louvres are fully opened, the sheer panels still provide shade and protection from out-of-control birds and mutant insects. With Allusion blinds, you can stay cool and safe and have your patio doors wide open. They are easily the best blinds for your patio doors.

Perfect Fit blinds are the best blinds for your patio doors

Perfect Fit blinds are literally perfect, and therefore the best blinds for your French and bifold doors – but not so much for sliding doors, as they’re likely to obstruct the movement of the doors.

Material includes thermal options to help keep you warm, which can also reflect heat away during the increasingly hot summer months. There’s also the choice of Roller or Venetian blinds for your Perfect Fit frame.

For sliding doors, the classic roller blind will do the job and be as neat as a pin in the process.

Shutters are the best blinds for your patio doors 

Shutters protect! When you want to shut out the black expanse of your garden at night, just close your shutters and feel safe and cosy instead. Shutters are a literal wall of security for your glass wall. Made to withstand an onslaught from chisel to hammers, you’ll be safe and sound. Shutters also add value to your home, so they’re always a good investment. Timeless in style, shutter blinds are the best blinds for patio doors – except for bifold doors. It depends on how much room you have in the recess and how much room the doors take up when folded up and wide open. Chances are, bifold doors and shutters combined will just take up too much space and crash into each other.

An Awning is the best blind for your patio doors – and it’s not even a blind!

An awning is not a blind, but it does a very similar job, and sometimes to better effect. It will block more of the glaring sun and does so before its rays reach your window and overheat your room, therefore keeping more of your home cooler. An awning will also block the view of any nosey neighbour who happens to overlook you, not just when you’re in your house but when you’re enjoying your patio too.

Not only that, but an awning pulls off the nifty trick of actually increasing your living space. Why have a conservatory when you can enjoy the al fresco lifestyle? Enjoy a warm evening and maintain your privacy. And so what if there’s a summer shower? You, your guests and their cocktails will be well protected.

Your awning will need a little looking after. Be sure to leave it open to dry after rainfall, and don’t forget to retract it when strong winds are forecast. Alternatively, you can always install a sensor that will automatically retract your awning when strong winds are detected.

However you choose to shade yourself and your house, you can enjoy your outdoor space without compromising your indoor space. We can help you find the very best blinds for your patio doors.