Supplier Spotlight Series : Wo und Wo – Awnings achieving “sunlight design”

Patio Awning with valence

Welcome to the eighth of the twelve blog spotlights in this series on the suppliers we are proud to work with to serve you, our valued customers at Blind Technique! This week’s blog is shining a supplier spotlight on Wo und Wo, whose awnings are supplied to us by their UK partner, James Robertshaw.

The featured image above is an example of a Trendline Artbox Awning. A fully enclosed, high-quality cassette awning for medium-sized patios, from

WOUNDWO, have their head office based in Graz, Austria and began more than 60 years ago in 1952 as a plastics trading company. It is now a modern technology business employing over 300 people. The company name originates from this expression “WOhnen drinnen & WOhnen drau­ßen” which means “Living indoors and living outdoors”.

Today, WOUNDWO is a leader in the sun protection systems industry in Austria and worldwide. Their company philosophy is defined as “sunlight design”. They explain this to mean creating a comfortable, pleasant environment for users of their products and services. WOUNDWO believe that: “The expertise of our employees, developed over decades, enables us to design intelligent, leading-edge solutions which both enhance our customers’ quality of life and increase the energy efficiency, and the value, of their buildings.”

Here at Blind Technique, our Awnings offer:

  • A full range of awnings suitable for your home and business 
  • A choice of cassette, semi-cassette or no cassette options for your awning 
  • Extras such as wireless Sun & Wind sensors, LED Lighting and remote- controlled Tungsten Patio Heaters.
  • The option of motorised or manual control for your awning 
  • Expert installation and guarantee

What is the difference between a cassette, semi-cassette or a no cassette option for your awning?

Full Cassette – Both Fabric and Folding Arms are fully protected in a cassette when the awning is retracted.

Semi-Cassette – Fabric is protected in a cassette when retracted – Folding Arms are exposed

No Cassette – Fabric and retractable arms are exposed.

A stylish yet practical solar shading solution to help you enjoy your outdoor space more – an awning can provide effective sun and wind protection. An awning can also add to the privacy you may be looking to create in your garden, outside patio or terrace. Rest assured that the material you choose for your awning comes in a wide choice of fabrics, all fully protected and waterproof.

A selection of the awning choices available to you, through Blind Technique:

  • Drop arm awning
  • Folding arm awning
  • PergoLine Terrace awnings

As Autumn begins its the perfect time to carefully check the condition of your current awning before you put it away. See if you are satisfied that it can still deliver all the shading and protective benefits you will expect from using it again when next Summer arrives.

If you are looking to purchase a new awning or seek to repair or refurbish your existing choice for your home or for your company, contact us today.

Get a head start on maximising your outdoor space for use either entertaining or relaxing with your friends and family or for accommodating your business guests at your commercial premises, ready in good time for next season!

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