Types of Blinds: What Are Vertical Blinds?

Types of Blinds - What Are Vertical Blinds?

What are Vertical blinds, I hear you cry! Surely blinds run horizontally, all the better to go up and down, you know, the way blinds tend to do.

Turns out they can also move from side to side. Is that necessary, you may be wondering? There are certainly good reasons to consider Vertical blinds over other blinds and curtains. For instance, they look elegant and chic. They add a touch of urbanity to any room. Yes, you can show the world what a sophisticate you are, by how you’ve dressed your windows. What more can you ask from Vertical blinds?

Plenty, probably. If you want more practical reasons as to why Vertical blinds are worthy of your consideration, read on.

Big windows, big doors – Vertical blinds are a must

Vertical blinds are ideal for patio, bifold or sliding doors. They make it so much easier to pass through the doors, and the blinds, when the louvres are open, especially if you go for the creme de la creme of verticals, Allusion blinds. You need never get tangled up in a blind or a curtain when simply trying to open your own big glass doors ever again.

And if you have a big beautiful window to admire your outside space from, Vertical blinds provide a striking dressing. With a variety of materials and colours, Vertical blinds make a stunning contribution to your decor.

What are Vertical Blinds: Private eyes, shaded eyes

You need light, but you also want privacy.

With Vertical blinds, you can position the louvres to the perfect angle to give you both light and privacy. This is because the louvres can be either turned or slid to where you want them. Other blinds, such as Romans and Rollers, and curtains too, tend to offer one extreme or the other.

Horizontal slats, such as the classic Venetian, can give you the same coverage. However,  they are also dust collectors. Vertical blinds simply won’t, can’t, collect dust the way Venetians do. They’re also a lot easier to clean compared to the more finicky Venetians, especially if you choose aluminium or wooden louvres.

Fabric louvres will take a little bit more care, but you may find they’re well worth it for that more subtle and softer look. Fabric louvres also don’t suddenly turn into wind chimes when faced with a breeze. If you have your glorious sliding doors open and are being delightfully shaded by your Vertical blinds, you may want to take the clatter of aluminium or wooden louvres into consideration.

Types of Vertical Blinds and Minding the pennies

We live in interesting times, and yet we can’t let that stop us from purchasing things we actually need. So what are Vertical blinds and are they cost-effective? Of course, the size of the window will determine the price. Vertical blinds also give great value for money due to their durability. Few children, and no pets, can withstand playing or hanging or swinging off blinds, and thankfully Vertical blinds can take it. The faux wood louvres are scratch-resistant, and the aluminium ones will bend back into shape. And if they do get more seriously damaged, rather than buying a whole new set of blinds, you need only replace the damaged louvres.

Vertical blinds can even be painted, so as your decor changes, so can your blinds. Can’t find the exact fabric? Paint and add stencils of your choosing, to create a truly individual and personal design for your home. You can also wallpaper your Vertical blinds, so you can dazzle friends, family and yourself as you allow light to come through what was surely your wall! Vertical blinds are incredibly versatile when it comes to enlivening your decor.

Tricks of the blinds

You may wish to enhance the size of a room, or the height of a window, by using Vertical blinds. However, it’s advised that you also be careful with this. What are Vertical blinds and can they help elongate a window, this trick can be overdone. No amount of louvres will turn a small square window into a tall elegant one, and it can look a little bit silly instead of bringing the elegance you were aiming for.

What are Vertical blinds, in and of themselves, and why can’t they help but be elegant? Who knew they could be so versatile too? You do now.