The Most Durable Blinds For Your Home 

The Most Durable Blinds For Your Home

Like anything else, blinds and shutters will last longer the better you take care of them. There’ll always be wear and tear, whether it’s from pets and children or condensation from a steamy kitchen or bathroom. To ensure your blinds’ longevity, here’s a guide to help you discover which type of blind works best where, and under what circumstances, so you can select the most durable blinds for your home.

Of course, to invest in the most durable blinds for your home you must also consider the quality. The phrase ‘buy cheap buy twice’ definitely applies here, so pick a reputable supplier who uses quality materials and controlled manufacturing such as Blind Technique.

Aluminium Blinds – An excellent all-rounder

Aluminium blinds are the most durable blinds where temperatures may vary quickly, such as in the kitchen or bathroom. They won’t rust or warp, and they resist corrosion and mould, making them perfect for any condensation prone room, including conservatories. 

They’re also long-wearing, although they can be dented and can bend, perhaps if an excited pet or child mistakes them for a toy. Other than that, they’re one of the most durable types of blinds you can have.

PVC – Even more Durable as a Blind

Waterproof, fire-resistant and easy to clean, a roller blind made from PVC can last you for years. It’s also hardy in that it rarely frays like other fabrics, so rips should be almost non-existent.  

If you have PVC slats, they won’t warp and bend, again marking them out as a top choice for especially durable blinds. 

Real Wood versus Faux Wood

Of course, you want real wood. It’s beautiful, natural and brings nature right into your home. But when it comes to the most durable blinds, faux wood can do what natural wood does, and more. 

With durable faux wood Venetian blinds, you won’t have to worry about scratches and cracks. Nor does it fade in extreme sunlight. They’re also waterproof and won’t rot or warp like real wood in humid conditions. 

You’ll also want to consider the source of the wood if it was responsibly produced. Forced-grown wood can also have its issues and can be prone to warping. This can happen to faux wood too, but only at very extreme temperatures. Unless you live in Death Valley or any other desert, it won’t be a problem, as faux wood can easily cope with the varying temperatures of the kitchen and bathroom, making them another great all-rounder.

If you’re contemplating shutters, you can’t do better than faux wood. They’ll be able to cope with the elements, especially if you live in a coastal area. 

Have you considered Vertical Blinds as the Most Durable Blind?

Perhaps the durability of these blinds comes from their simplicity.  They have a history of lasting longer than other blinds. The chain or string at the bottom may snap if a child or pet collides with them while the louvres are in the closed position, but this can be easily repaired. By their very nature of being vertical, the louvres are less likely to be seriously damaged by an exuberant toddler or family pet. Read about the differences between Vertical and Venetian Blinds in our blog here.

Do you require the most Durable Blinds when there are toddlers, cats and hamsters involved?

Yes, you do. Child safety is really important, learn more about making your home safe here.

To prevent broken chains – and the harm they can cause to the little ones in your family – a motorised blind will increase the durability of the blind itself. All you need to do is recharge the motor a couple of times a year, and you won’t even have to remember to do that if you choose to have them solar-powered.

Cellular shades are another option, as they sit tight in the window itself, making them almost impenetrable to your guinea pig or budgie. 

Say Hello to an old classic – The Roman Blind

Being simple, their low maintenance contributes to their durability, and they won’t collect dust the way curtains do – as long as you don’t leave them in the same position for long periods of time. You’ll also want to make sure the material doesn’t fade unevenly. Their durability can be increased with just a little care. In return, you get to enjoy these beautiful blinds to enhance your bedroom and living rooms. 

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