The Best Blinds for UPVC Windows

The best blinds for UPVC windows are Perfect Fit blinds.

You wanted those UPVC frames because there should be a D in there for Durability. UPVC frames resist corrosion and moisture and won’t warp in extreme temperatures. They also help to insulate your home. So the last thing you want to do is drill into them, damage their structural integrity and ruin the guarantee on them. Also, because of their hardness, it’s tough to drill into those frames, though not impossible.

So assuming you’d rather forego the drilling, we’re back to Perfect Fit blinds for your UPVC windows. There’s no drilling involved as Perfect Fit blinds snap directly onto the beading of the UPVC window frame. Then, when you want to clean your windows, the Perfect Fit frame can be easily removed and snapped back on once you’re done.

Perhaps the lack of drilling is irrelevant and you simply like the neat stylish look of Perfect Fit blinds for your UPVC windows. And you have the choice between not just pleated, cellular, Venetians and of course the classic roller blind, with duo vision fabric if you wish, there are now even Perfect Fit shutter blinds available for UPVC windows.

The best blinds for UPVC windows are Perfect Fit shutter blinds

Why make you wait now that I mentioned Perfect Fit shutter blinds? And if for some unimaginable reason, you don’t like shutters … Nope, I’m lost for words.

Shutters are both stylish and cute and old world and modern and create a sophisticated yet also cosy ambience while being practical in controlling light and privacy and are easy to clean. I repeat, why would anyone not like shutters? And now, thanks to Perfect Fit, you can have shutters without the drilling and instead have them just snap into place onto your UPVC windows. Sweet joy is yours for the taking.

The best blinds for UPVC windows are Perfect Fit Top Down Bottom Up blinds – say what now?

See the picture above? That’s the Top Down Bottom Up blind. Yes, that is its actual name and yes, you can have Perfect Fit Roman blinds! You can shrink or expand the blind to whichever part of your UPVC window where you need to block the sun’s glare. You can cover the whole window, or keep the blind open at the top or at the bottom or wherever you please. The Top Down Bottom Up blind couldn’t be more adaptable.

The best blinds for your UPVC windows are Perfect Fit Venetian blinds

These Venetian blinds with the most slender of slats are as neat as a pin and come in a variety of neutral or shiny metallic colours. You’ll have great control over how much light you let in and how much privacy you prefer, all controlled by an uncomplicated child-safe wand.

The best blinds for your UPVC windows are Perfect Fit roller blinds

You can have Perfect Fit and the classic roller blind, all combined in one tasty package. The vast choice of fabrics associated with roller blinds becomes available in Perfect Fit, including Duo Vision fabric – that’s the blind with both a sheer and opaque fabric to increase the amount of light and privacy you have. The world can now be your cosy little oyster.

The best blinds for your UPVC windows are any blinds your heart desires

Perfect Fit means no drilling through your UPVC frames. But perhaps that’s not an issue for you. UPVC can be drilled, and we can ensure we use the appropriate screws. Perhaps you prefer to have your blinds hang outside of the recess, a wise choice when it comes to wanting to achieve as good as a blackout effect a blind can provide. In which case the usual suspects are still very much an option for you.

Looking to cosy up a room with a classic look? Then you’ll be casting an eye over the lush fabrics of the Romans. For a chic look, we have the stunning Vertical blinds, including the magic and luxury of the Allusion blinds, which were made, literally, for your sliding, folding and patio doors.

And then there are panels, which aren’t talked about anywhere near enough, but are still around, providing an elegant solution to any large walls of glass in your home. Although, what else can I say except with all that glass you might want to consider beating back the glare of the sun during summer and keeping the warmth in during the winter with some lovely cellular Perfect Fit blinds. They really are the best blinds for your UPVC windows. (Unless you go for shutters!)