Which Blinds Are Best For Bay Windows?

Which Blinds Are Best For Bay Windows?

You have some beautiful bay windows to dress. Perhaps you love the stunning vista the bay windows allow you. Or maybe you want to block out the offices opposite. Do you revel in the glorious sunlight that now fills your home? Or are you being cooked in the glare all that glass has amplified?

Curtains are not your only option. You can discover the best blinds for your bay windows, once you’ve taken a few things into consideration.

How acute is your bay?

For a super cute bay you probably want roman blinds to make it totally divine.

But first you’ll need to consider how acute the angles of your bay windows are. The sharper the angle, the more restricted you’ll be, as some materials will cause the blinds to fit poorly. The blinds may fail to meet properly, if headrail, mechanism and controls fight for space at the top of the bay. This can also interfere with their functionality, as well as how the blinds hang, as sharply angled windows can lead to gaps between the blinds.

Sharp angles don’t necessarily mean you’re limited in your choice of blinds for your bay window. The thickness of the mullions (that’s the vertical bars between each pane of glass) will also play a role – the thicker the mullion, the more protection you have from the gaps making your bay unsightly.

Tiny slats

Wooden and Faux-Wood blinds can have a width as small as 25mm. Your bay windows would need to have the sharpest angles with the thinnest mullions for there still to be gaps with these slats. However, if that is the case, Aluminium Venetian blinds can fit in the tightest of corners as they can be even narrower than their wooden counterparts.

Due to their slenderness, Venetians take up little room, open or closed, so they don’t take over your windowsill, nor deprive you of your stunning views.

Awkward shaped windows? Go pleated

Pleated blinds are the top choice for the most oddly shaped, sharpest angled windows, bay or otherwise. Slim and neat, they fit snugly into all shapes and sizes, without leaving any gaps at all.

They’re also lightweight, should that be a factor for an especially large bay. And because of all that extra glass, pleated blinds help to prevent heat loss in the winter, as their honeycomb design traps air, adding to your insulation needs. Come the summer, depending on the material you choose, they can also reflect away all that extra sun the bay windows let in to help you stay cucumber cool.

What did the Roman Blind ever do for us?

Since a bay window tends to be a lovely feature of a room, you may be looking beyond the practicalities and wanting a specific style, in which case Roman blinds still deliver.

They fit neatly into most corners, and deliver on the insulation front too. They also add cosiness to any bedroom, with the option of blackout lining or double-layered fabric to insulate against light and noise.

The only thing to be aware of with these beauties is that they gather at the top of the window, which may take up some of your view.

The most cost-effective blinds for your bay window 

As long as the bay isn’t too acute and the mullions are nice and wide, then you can have roller blinds in your bay window. They offer the widest choice of patterns, colours and fabrics, and all for a reasonable price. With so much glass to cover, dressing them can prove expensive, so roller blinds should not be dismissed out of hand.

For gentle angles, Vertical blinds are also still in the running. As well as maximising your privacy, with louvres that turn all the way round, they’re also a dramatic and beautiful statement.

The best choice of blind for your bay windows – Shutters!

Shutters come in their own frames so you’re guaranteed no gaps whatsoever, no matter the angle of the windows. This perfect fit also means you’ll be maximising the space in your bay. You’re guaranteed privacy and sound and light control with this stylish and stunning option. Not only will they be a treat for you, anyone passing by outside will be able to enjoy their beauty too. Kerb appeal at its finest.

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