Spotlight Series – Duo-vision Blinds

Welcome to the fourth of twelve product spotlight pieces to be published here on our blog!

Duo Vision blinds are a new type of blind that is quite similar to a roller blind by design. In fact, Duo Vision blinds are also called DuoRol, Twist, Vision, Duo Roller blinds, just a couple of different names for the same style of blind. The blind is operated open and closed by rolling the fabric onto and off of a tube, the same as for a roller blind, and this is usually achieved manually with a sidewinder control chain or motorised.

Duo Vision Blinds

The smart and stylish alternative to a roller blind – Duo Vision Blinds.

An easy way to describe the Duo Vision blind is a cross between a roller blind and a venetian blind. You are getting the simplicity of the roller blind operation with the additional benefit of two layers of translucent and opaque horizontally striped fabric which creates more versatility. With an increasing number of fabrics available to choose from we are happy to manufacture these blinds for our customers locally in our Eastcote Workshop using British components.

Here are a few things you may wish to consider about this type of blind when choosing your bespoke blinds. Once you know your initial wishes, contact us. 

As ever, Blind Technique is here to help.

Features – Duo Vision blind

– Comes with a pelmet as standard in a choice of colours
– Easy to operate with either manual or motorised control
– A stylish and modern twist on the traditional roller blind
– Increasing choice of fabrics
– Locally made by Blind Technique with British components

Benefits – Duo Vision blinds

– Can be fully open or fully closed the same as a roller blind
– Additional light control by positioning the alternating translucent and opaque striped fabric in different proportions
– Offers a good level of dimout when the opaque fabrics are lined up
– Filtered light with visibility when the translucent fabrics are lined up
– Practical and modern alternative for interior design 

FAQ’s – Duo Vision Blinds

1. Are Duo Vision blinds suitable for large floor to ceiling windows? – The fabric is delicate particularly on the translucent section which is similar to a fine voile or net. For this reason, you need to be very careful over larger drops and so we would perhaps recommend a roller blind instead.

2. Can Duo Vision blinds be motorised? – Yes, in fact we would recommend this. As the fabric is delicate, operating a sidewinder chain close to the fabric can be problematic over time as if you are not extremely careful it can cause the fabric to tear or fray.

3. Are Duo Vision blind expensive? – They can be more expensive than roller blinds. This is due to the price of the fabric and also because you need twice as much fabric. A roller blind has one layer of fabric whereas a duo vision blind has two.

4. How do you get the striped effect? – One section of the fabric is secured to the pelmet section which means that the fabric is fixed at the front and as the fabric behind rolls down you get an alternating pattern of the translucent part and the opaque parts crossing one another.

5. How are these blinds cleaned? – See our cleaning advice here. As has been previously mentioned, the fabric is delicate and so any cleaning has to be done carefully by hand with a cloth and some warm water with a very light soap.

6. Can you upgrade to motorised control? – The short answer is yes, however, it does depend on the way the manually controlled blind was manufactured. Sometimes the tube size is not compatible. Please speak to one of the Blind Technique advisors to find out more.

If you have read to the end of this handy guide – thank you!