The Best Blinds For Small Windows

It can be hard to find a blind for a small window. Bespoke blinds may well be your only option, as such a specific size probably won’t be available off the shelf. Luckily, here at Blind Technique, we make bespoke blinds that will fit any size window you require.

However, you still have to choose which style of blind you want for your charming little window.

The best blinds for small windows are Perfect Fit blinds

When choosing the best blind for a small window, you probably want to keep things as simple as possible and keep the space clean and clear, especially if you rely on the little bit of light that makes it through your baby window.

Perfect Fit blinds click directly onto your uPVC frames, thereby taking up hardly any additional room in the recess and around the window. Choosing Perfect Fit blinds for a small window doesn’t just save on space, it also saves on hassle. With Perfect Fit, there’s no drilling, making them the best blinds for your small window.

Not only do Perfect Fit frames suit the dimensions of a small window, but you’ll still have a variety of blinds that can be accommodated in a Perfect Fit frame. And if you’d rather not have Perfect Fit frames, you can still enjoy any style of blind you like. By hanging the blind outside of the recess, you can create the illusion of a longer window.

The best blinds for small windows are Day and Night Blinds

Day and Night blinds are possibly the neatest and least obtrusive blinds in a Perfect Fit frame, making them the best blinds for a small window. Operated by a simple tab, this helps to keep the small space occupied by a small window clutter-free.

Day and Night blinds are made up of two fabrics, one sheer, and the other opaque. During the day the sheer fabric allows in the light while giving you privacy. The opaque fabric provides privacy and darkness at night. If you need to add a layer of insulation, you can have cellular fabric rather than pleated.

Day and Night blinds are also available without Perfect Fit frames. They can be tensioned or free-hanging to accommodate the lack of frame.

The best blinds for small windows are slat-based blinds

Venetian blinds are especially good for control over light and privacy, as you can maneuver the slats to just where you need them. This might be a crucial factor when deciding on the best blinds for your small window, especially if you rely on the light from it.

With a choice of colours in aluminium slats, or the sophistication of faux wood, you’ll be able to find Venetian blinds that suit your decor. And as they’re horizontal, they can’t help but give the illusion of extra length, which may be beneficial to your small window’s appearance.

As a motor may take up too much room around your small window, Venetian blinds can be easily operated manually with a wand. And they’ll look neat as a pin in a Perfect Fit frame.

If you don’t want to fiddle with wands or the strings of a Venetian blind, you’ll get the same versatility with shutters. Shutters for such a small window? It will be super cute, as well as smart, and easy to install because you can get Perfect Fit shutters too!

The best blinds for small windows are Roller blinds

A curvacious top on a Perfect Fit frame conceals the mechanism of a roller blind. If you need the blind on your small window to be open or closed, with privacy not being an issue, the classic roller blind will do the job for you.

The best blinds for small windows can be any blind you choose 

If losing space on one side of the window isn’t a problem, there’s no reason why you can’t have Vertical blinds. If losing space at the top of the window isn’t an issue, then why not go Roman? If you don’t want to lose any space around any part of the window, you can fit the blind outside of the recess. This way, you can have the maximum amount of light your little window can give, and any blind you wish will be the best blind for your small window.