The Benefits of Vertical Blinds For Your Home

The Benefits of Vertical Blinds For Your Home

The benefits of having vertical blinds in your home are that you find yourself in a haven of style, urbanity and grace, and at the same time, you’re well-lit when you want light, shaded when you don’t, and obscured from nosey nellies trying to take a gander at your insides. Of your house. At you! The cheek. But with Vertical blinds, you’ll be well protected, from the sun and prying eyes, because Vertical blinds are simply the business.

The benefits of vertical blinds are they give you maximum control over light and privacy

One of the benefits of vertical blinds lies in the action of the louvres. They go all the way around. That may sound more like a party trick than a practical consideration, but this is what gives you so much control over the amount of light and privacy you have. No matter where the sun moves, your louvres can be adjusted to block it. No matter what pose your neighbour the contortionist strikes, your louvres can be slanted to keep their eyes on your blinds, and only your blinds – your beautiful stylish blinds, the lucky so-and-sos.

The benefit of Vertical Blinds is that they look cool

The style benefit that comes from Vertical blinds is that they naturally make the environment they’re in an oasis of urbane modernity. Okay, the rest of your decor may play a part in this, but just in case it doesn’t, at least your windows will be well-dressed. Ooh, the shade! Which, as you already know, is something Vertical blinds are exceptionally good at.

The benefit of Vertical Blinds is that they are easy to keep clean and maintain

Why choke on the dust collected by curtains when a blind gives you the additional benefit of being easy to clean? A flick of the duster will do the job, and when it comes to maintaining your Vertical blinds, they’re also highly durable. If one louvre should be irrevocably damaged, you need only replace that louvre, rather than cough up for a whole new set of blinds. How’s that for being easy to maintain?

The benefit of Vertical Blinds is their versatility

Surely the grace of a vertical blind isn’t for the office? It is if you want a, like, totally cool and awesome office. You need to be able to see your colleagues and keep the sun’s glare off your PowerPoint presentation, so how can you possibly beat the benefits of vertical blinds? You get to stay cool and well-lit while your screen stays in the dark, throwing the sharpest picture of your pie charts out to your audience. Your place of work has a suave conference room, all glass and huge dramatic windows, so surely you want the benefit of cool vertical blinds for it. That way, your work environment keeps its urbane look and remains functional too.

And there’s nothing more versatile than the Allusion blind – part curtain, part blind – it’s already more than one kind of window dressing!

Allusion blinds are perfect for sliding or bifold doors, whether they’re in your home or a conference venue. You can pass through an open door without getting into a fight with your window blind. Nor will you have to stop dead in your tracks to navigate your way through when your hands are full, whether with files or a nice cool margarita. You can just step through as the individual panels allow you to pass at any point in the blind. By alternating panels of sheer and opaque louvres, you can have privacy and still have enough light and still be protected from bugs when the doors are wide open. The Allusion blind can be motorised or operated with a wand. Available in neutral colours, it’s destined to match any decor.

With all this versatility, Vertical blinds are suitable for any room in any location. Whether at home or in a professional environment – which might be the same thing nowadays – Vertical blinds can strike whichever tone is required. The benefits of Vertical blinds are simply too numerous to ignore.