Types of Blinds: What Are Allusion Blinds?

Types of Blinds - What Are Allusion Blinds?

What are Allusion blinds?! Why, they’re the awesome ones! The beautiful ones! The practical ones! The chic ones!

Allusion blinds are the ones that allow you to pass through your sliding or bifold doors without getting tangled up in blinds or curtains along the way. Ironically, Allusion blinds allow you to do this by bringing blind and curtain together in one fabulous window dressing.

So what are Allusion blinds actually?

Allusion blinds are made up of two parts – Yes, one part curtain and one part blind! 

First, there are the louvres that act just like vertical blinds. The louvres can be positioned at any angle so you have control over light and privacy. Meanwhile, each louvre is part of a panel which also consists of sheer material (the curtain part), that allow the louvres to be fully opened, allowing in the maximum amount of light, while still allowing you privacy. Not only are you protected from prying eyes while your blinds are fully opened, the sheer panel also protects you, and your home, from bugs and insects.

Each panel hangs separately, with no cord or chain at the bottom, allowing you to pass between them at any point, so you can have any number of doors open or closed for ventilation and for access to your outside space. This is what makes Allusion blinds perfect for your sliding, bifold or patio doors. The stunning verticals will show off, or conceal, your beautiful wall of glass, or frame or conceal your view of the outside world. Large windows and doors can let in all the sun during summer, and your Allusion blinds will control just how much light. Then in winter, they can make your room more cosy and help keep the heat in.

You say Allusion, I say Illusion

Allusion blinds and Illusion blinds are exactly the same blinds. I’m pretty sure some folks say Illusion because they misheard Allusion. Louvolite created the Allusion blinds and they say Allusion so I don’t know what the Illusion crowd can really bring to that debate. But google Illusion blinds and you will find Allusion blinds.

Louvolite first unveiled Allusion blinds at the 2018 R+T trade show in Stuttgart. These young blinds took the shutters, doors and shading system show by storm. Verticals you can walk through! Air, light and privacy all at the same time! It didn’t matter what they were called – everyone was talking about them.

Allusion blinds go with any decor

That may seem like a bold claim to make. It’s also an accurate one. The Allusion blinds come in a neutral colour palette of white, creams, grey and black so they can’t help but compliment the primary and secondary colours of your decor. Their granduer add a chic statement to any room.

You can also choose between manual operation with a wand, extra safe for children and pets as there’s no cord for them to get tangled up in, or you can choose motorised for those days you simply can’t, won’t or just don’t want to get up from the chaise lounge. If your fingers are in desperate need of rest, just call out to Alexa to close or open your blinds for you, so you can fully enjoy your relaxation time.

Despite all this luxury, Allusion blinds aren’t just for splendifying your home. Their chicness easily and perhaps surprisingly  transfers to your workplace. Not only will they lift any office or conference room, their versatility will be a bonus when it comes to controlling light during any meeting or powerpoint presentation.

How do I maintain my Allusion blinds?

Thanks to the anti-static qualities of the fabric, Allusion blinds collect substantially less dust than any other fabric window dressing.  No one wants to spend time cleaning, so thankfully the maintenance of your Allusion blinds can be kept simple. You only need give them an occasional wipe down with a damp cloth, or simply vacuum them.

We don’t advise you take them down – you’ll have to put them back up again, and in the same order they were originally installed. And you don’t want to get those hangers wet so unless you’ve spilled red wine down them, just leave them be. And enjoy. And have a nap while a significant other takes them down, gives them a gentle hand wash to get the sangria out, and pops them back up again before they wake you for a delightful lunch.