Spotlight Series – Vertical Blinds

Welcome to the ninth product spotlight pieces to be published here on our blog!

Vertical blinds offer you a completely different visual and operational window dressing for your home or home office. The key to this versatility is in the unique vertical louvres controlling both the light and privacy levels as they rotate 180° to deflect the sun’s rays. This inherent product characteristic is further enhanced by the fact that you can alter the track for them within bay or bow windows, plus you can stagger the louvres for sloping windows. This means that this custom blind offers a potential solution for even the most awkward or hard to dress windows in your home. Here at Blind Technique, we have many options for you to choose from.


Did you know we can offer Vertical Blinds which can give you

  1. Over 300 fabrics to choose from – colours, shades and textures
  2. Special performance fabrics available – dim-out, fire retardant
  3. A practical and stylish choice for both the home and the office
  4. A solution for even the kitchen and the bathroom using hardwearing PVC fabric
  5. Allusion Blinds – this new type of blind system is based on Vertical Blinds and is an upgraded solution – view our blog on Allusion Blinds here


Our Vertical Blinds mean that you can experience

  1. Ease of use – as Vertical Blinds can open to the left, the right or split to open both sides as you would use curtains in the home
  2. The opportunity to have them motorised for even easier operation – hand held device or wall-mounted switch
  3. The chance to have your Vertical blind operation to be connected to your Home Hub and controlled via App or even Alexa
  4. Child-safe wand operation available – without cords or chains
  5. A perfect solution for larger windows and even patio or bi-fold doors


Vertical Blinds are suited as a window dressing solution for larger windows and doors

Vertical Blinds are suited as a window dressing solution for larger windows and doors


1. Are vertical blinds suitable for my home?

Vertical blinds were traditionally the go-to choice for offices due to the versatility and options available to control light and offer a good value solution for a commercial space. Now, many of our customers have them in their homes or indeed their home offices. Vertical Blinds work particularly well on larger windows and patio doors.

2. Can the louvres be replaced?

Yes. You can replace the louvres quite easily. In fact, Blind Technique can supply you with a spare louvre in case one becomes damaged. It is worth noting, however, that not all systems are the same so if you have an older blind from another supplier this may not be possible to achieve.

3. How long does the fitting take?

This will depend on the number of vertical blinds you have and their size. As a very rough guide around 20-30 minutes per blind is an average. Once the brackets are secured, the headrail will clip in and the pre-prepared and weighted louvres can be hung. Please note that this can vary considerably depending on what we are fitting into and the size of the window.

4. How do I clean my Vertical Blinds slats?

For more information on cleaning blinds please visit our cleaning page here

5. As you offer over 300 fabrics can I see a selection of fabric swatches available for Vertical blinds?

Yes. If you visit our Showroom or book a Survey appointment one of our Sales Advisors would be delighted to share with you our fabric sample books.

6. What are the disadvantages with Vertical Blinds?

You will lose space on your window sill as vertical blinds take up more room than other types of window blinds. There is also quite a lot of light bleed even with blackout fabrics due to the design, so they are less suited to bedrooms.


Vertical Blinds are also a versatile solution to manage light in the Kitchen

Vertical Blinds are also a versatile solution to manage light in the Kitchen