The Benefits of Roller Blinds For Your Home

Think of blinds and you’re probably thinking of Roller blinds. Okay, maybe you’re thinking of Venetian blinds or Roman blinds but a lot of people are probably imagining Roller blinds. Material rolls up and down and around a tube and viola, you have a blind. Yes, Roller blinds are simple. There’s little that can go wrong and they’re easy to maintain. No wonder they’re a favourite for homes and businesses. And that’s just two of the benefits of Roller blinds.

Benefits of Roller Blinds: they’re cost-effective 

If you’re looking to refurbish your whole house, and some of that budget simply must go on the Immersive Barbie Experience you’re planning for what used to be the spare bedroom, then you’re going to be looking to Roller blinds to bring style into your home while keeping the cost down.

The simplicity of the roller blind is key to its cost-effectiveness. Choose manual operation over motorised to help keep within budget. Chains will break away in the event of a child or pet becoming entangled, in accordance with child safety regulations. Your home will be stylish, safe and affordable thanks to this benefit of roller blinds.

Benefits of Roller Blinds: the choice of fabrics is huge

You really can find a roller blind fabric for any room, no matter the use, no matter your taste. From the vast range of colours, patterns, and textures, to blackout, dimout, moisture, and fire-resistant materials, you will be able to find roller blinds that match your decor, your style, and your needs.

You may be looking for a blind that gives you privacy or reflects the sun or is best suited for the professionalism of a home office. Maybe you need a fabric that can cope with the fluctuating temperatures of a bathroom or kitchen. Whatever your need or your personal style, there is a roller blind to suit you.

Benefits of Roller Blinds: they offer a modern take on curtains

You may not care for dust-collecting curtains and their dirt-attracting cousin, the net. However, you also appreciate how net curtains give some privacy while allowing diffused light in so you can see what you’re doing. And traditional curtains are good at making things snug as it grows dark and cold. How can blinds compete with this traditional but useful arrangement? It’s easy, as long as you know about double roller blinds! One roller has a sheer fabric, the other an opaque fabric. This gives you the advantages of curtains but with the benefits of roller blinds. The main benefit of the double roller blind over curtains isn’t just how chic they’ll look. Double roller blinds will be so much easier to clean. Instead of taking down and washing and re-hanging curtains, with double roller blinds a flick of a duster is all that’s required.

Benefits of Roller Blinds: they offer a dressy version of Venetian blinds

Duo vision blinds work the same as roller blinds, and have one distinctive advantage over them if privacy is an issue. When the classic Roller blind is open, whether part-way or fully, it cannot give privacy nor shade. This will only be an issue if the window concerned is overlooked, allowing anyone to see in. However, Duo Vision blinds combine both sheer and opaque fabric. The two fabrics slide past each other, allowing you to control how they overlap, thereby providing you with enough light when needed, and privacy when required. This is the same kind of control Venetian blinds give, as you can control the light and privacy depending on which angle you choose to tilt the slats. So why not stick with Venetian blinds? Lovely as Venetian blinds are in their faux wood or shiny aluminium finishes, there’s a vast array of fabrics for roller blinds should Venetian blinds not be to your taste. With Duo Vision blinds, you get the benefits of both Roller blinds and Venetian blinds.

 Benefits of Roller Blinds: you can have them in a Perfect Fit frame

You may love the idea of a roller blind, but have you been put off by the required drilling to install them? Perfect Fit frames snap directly into a uPVC frame, eliminating the need for any drilling. The same fabrics are available, so it’s yet another convenient benefit of Roller blinds.