The Best Modern Traditional Kitchen Ideas

You need a kitchen that works for how you live your life. Whether you have an expansive kitchen/diner/living room that you lounge in, feet up, while you sip your coffee fresh from the cafetiere, or if your kitchen is what you call your kettle and the small shelf it perches on, you can still make the most of your space – and the smaller the space, the more you may need to make something of it. Do you want to make enough room on that shelf for an additional mug? If yes, it can be done, with both style and convenience. One way is to incorporate both modern and traditional ideas so you can have one of those modern traditional kitchens.

What is a Modern Traditional Kitchen? 

A modern traditional kitchen means you can have the charm of the traditional kitchen and still have the practical modern appliances none of us can do without.

It’s not hard to bring what sounds like two conflicting styles together. As a very brief guide, you can start with natural materials – wood, stone, granite, marble – then add pops of colour, maybe with appliances, furniture, and, of course, blinds.

You might think shutters must have been made with modern traditional kitchens in mind

Still in fashion after all these years, shutters have proven to be somewhat timeless. They’re an obvious way to bring modern and traditional together. And it’s not just the look of shutters that makes them ideal for the kitchen. Durable against the various extreme temperatures of your typical kitchen environment, they’re easy to wipe clean from various scalding liquids. Shutters will survive the kitchen environment as well as add charm and modernity to your kitchen. The muted colours our shutters are available in will only add to the traditional look.

Shutters are also a striking choice for patio doors so you can add to the drama of your kitchen-diner-lounge. If you have any odd-shaped windows or a tricky bay, again shutters, which come in their own frame, can be custom-made to fit any configuration.

Your modern traditional kitchen can look stunning and be practical and safe with the right blinds

Whereas everything used to be made with flammable wood or dangerous materials like asbestos back in the olde worlde days, you can now have the modern and traditional look and look that is safe too. And it doesn’t have to be the aforementioned shutters. Our blinds are made not just from a wide variety of fabrics offering a wide range of colour and patterns, but many of those fabrics are also fire resistant. No more will you need to be concerned about the old net curtain being wafted over an open flame on the hob. You can even keep the light and privacy a net curtain provided by having a blind made from a sheer material. Let in the light, keep your fingers safe from the sharp knives, and you’ll still have privacy.

Thanks to fire-resistant materials, you can have a very traditional look in your kitchen in the shape of a Roman blind. By having a traditional style of blind, with a modern bold pattern, you’ll own the modern traditional kitchen look with ease.

Once again, the material can be fire-resistant and washable to keep it clean from kitchen use. And blinds don’t have the dust-catching capabilities those dear old nets and other curtains are prone to so a quick flick of a duster is usually all that’s required.

Venetians are also a good choice for the kitchen, again being extremely durable, whether you choose faux wood or aluminium. Available in a wide range of colours, you can let that mark them out as blinds that belong in a modern traditional kitchen.

Will my modern traditional kitchen match the rest of the house? 

Different styles from room to room can still complement each other. Each room serves its own purpose, so why would you want your home office to match your bedroom? You may choose to have a primary colour to link all the rooms, or maybe a repeating pattern. With a bit of care, your modern traditional kitchen will feel like a natural part of the rest of your home.