What Are Day To Night Blinds?

What indeed are Day To Night blinds when more than one kind of blind can be said to be a Day To Night blind? And then there are the Day and Night blinds that go by several different names anyway. Are Day To Night blinds really that complicated? The blinds themselves are delightfully simple. Luckily you need only read on for clarification on what to call your Day To Night blinds.

Duo Vision blinds are Day To Night Blinds 

Duo Vision blinds are the ones that go by several different names, including, well, Day To Night blinds, and also Day And Night Blinds! They’re also known as Zebra blinds – Yes, they’re the stripey ones!

Duo Vision blinds are made from two types of material, one sheer, the other opaque. Whether by chain or by motor, you can control how much the two fabrics overlay each other to determine how much light you need and how much privacy you’d like. Duo Vision blinds give you similar control to what you’d have manipulating the slats of a Venetian blind. They’re basically a dressed-up version of Venetians, so your home need not look so much like an office, even if you work from home, with Duo Vision blinds.

Duo Vision blinds are now also available in Perfect Fit frames. You can enjoy the utmost light and privacy even if you have stunning bifold doors creating a wall of glass across one side of your room.

Double Roller Blinds are also Day To Night Blinds 

Zebra blinds are all very well, but what if you don’t like stripes? Maybe they’re just not right for your decor. An alternative to them would the Double Roller blind. Again, it’s a tale of one sheer fabric to diffuse the sunlight and to give you shade, and an opaque fabric for privacy. And so you don’t have to worry about an extra set of cords to get knotted up in, just like a single roller, Double Roller blinds can be motorised.

Duo Pleated Blinds are Day To Night blinds too

Imagine a pleated blind made from two fabrics – yes, one sheer, one opaque. And now continue to imagine those pleated blinds at any position on your window. You can adjust Duo Pleated blinds not just depending on the time of day, but also for an unobstructed view while still maintaining your shade.

Duo Pleated blinds also come in Perfect Fit frames so are perfect for patio doors and tilt-and-turn windows. They’re also worked by a tilt of a tab, so there are no hanging cords for children or pets to become entangled with.

The Advantages of Day To Night Blinds

The sheer material in Day To Night blinds gives you the privacy and diffusion of the light just like a voile curtain does, only without the dust curtains tend to collect. A flick of a duster is all that’s usually required to keep them dust-free, as opposed to the palaver of having to take down curtains, washing them and putting them back up again.

Day To Night blinds are especially useful where privacy is an issue, such as if your room faces out onto a public street or anywhere with a high volume of foot traffic. Perhaps you’re looking for the ideal blind for your bathroom. You can still let light into your home and maintain your privacy with Day To Night blinds.

They’re also an excellent choice for a kitchen. If you have a kitchen/diner/lounge arrangement, Day To Night blinds can help solve the various light and privacy needs of a multipurpose space.

You also won’t be stuck on how to incorporate Day To Night blinds into your existing decor. With a wide variety of coloured, patterned and textured fabrics, you’ll be able to find the blind that fits seemingly into your home.