Scandi Dining Room Ideas To Bring The Space To Life

Does your dining room need to be brought to life? Wait a minute, you have a separate dining room?! One without a telly in it? Maybe you entertain a lot, beyond ordering pizza for your mates before watching a blockbuster or the big game. You like to invite your friends over to cook for them, so you can discuss poetry and politics, and reflect on what you all thought of the latest cinéma vérité at the local independent cinema.

An evening of laughs and deep meaningful conversation requires the appropriate setting. Damn straight your dining room needs to reflect your soul, and only a Scandi dining room design will do.

What’s meant by Scandi Dining Room Ideas?

For a Scandi dining room, function and beauty come together for a simple and clean yet comfy and cosy living space. This may sound like a contradiction, but a space can be serene, calm and cosy and also clean and uncluttered.

How is this done? The Scandi’s call it hygge (it’s pronounced hoo-gah). Definitions may vary, but only slightly. Hygge is about a warm and cosy atmosphere, in which to enjoy friendship and connection. It also seems to suggest contentment, with ourselves and what we have. It’s being comfortable while we enjoy the simple pleasures of life, mulling in calmness and quiet.

Does a serene environment need to be ‘brought to life’? Let the natural calmness you create with your Scandi dining room ideas ensure a chilled yet loving environment. Let the energy, and the food and wine, ebb and flow over you and your guests.

How do I create a Scandi Dining Room Design?

So how do you bring clarity, cleanliness, and warmth and cosiness, to the same space? How do the Scandis create hygge? They do it with soft textures and natural materials, especially wood. They use soft lighting and seriously, a fair amount of wood. Lots of light-coloured wood. It’s a dining room, so it’s possible your choice of dining table and chairs will be a big factor.

Scandi design probably brings to mind a white and blue motif. Neutrals are a classic choice too for a calming ambience. Other colours are allowed. Any colour that evokes the natural world – blue for the sky and the sea, green for forests, brown for wood, grey for stone, and pink for … shellfish? These colours will enhance, and be enhanced, by the neutrals you compliment them with.

A Scandi design also highlights space. Again, having space sounds like it contradicts the cosy side of hygge. Space will make the dining room seem bigger, and by having fewer things in your dining room, you and your guests will feel unencumbered by unnecessary things. But does space suggest cosiness? The use of natural materials will bring warmth and homeliness. You can further ground your Scandi dining room with pattern and texture, all of which add to the feeling and philosophy of hygge.

What goes with Scandi Dining Room Design?

The minimalism of a Scandi dining room design keeps things simple, to maintain the serenity of the space. So simple accessories, such as something rustic, will keep with the Scandi decor and bring a homeliness to this clean look. Earthenware tableware not only rhymes with itself but is also a charming match to the natural look of Scandi design. By using wood, stone and woollen throws, your Scandi dining room is a place your guests will not want to leave.

What kind of blinds suit a Scandi Dining Room Design?

The simplicity of a Roller blind or a cosy Roman in a patterned and textured fabric are excellent ideas for a Scandi dining room. The neatness of Perfect Fit frames is a perfect choice too, as they’ll enhance the clean lines. Venetians in faux or real wood will add to the ambience and give you maximum control over the light. Shutters, classic and clean of line, will go beautifully with the neutral scheme. Finding the right window dressing for your Scandi Dining Room will be a breeze. You certainly won’t be short of ideas.