Grey and White Interior Ideas For Your Home!

If someone walked into your home and had the pleasure of feasting their eyes on your grey and white interior, what would they think of you? That you’re elegant and sophisticated? That you’re modern and practical? That you don’t have any children?

A grey and white interior gives you timeless and versatile decor, suitable for a cosy period room or a modern urbane one. You might be looking to highlight a dramatic architectural feature – how better to show off huge arch windows than with a neutral palette? Perhaps you love the idea of a white and black interior scheme but are concerned it might feel too stark.

You don’t need flashy colour. And it’s doubtful that you drink red wine. It’s time for you to embrace that grey and white interior decor you’ve been dreaming of.

A grey and white interior compliments itself

A simple way to identify complimentary colours is to see which colours are opposite each other on a colour wheel. They complement each other by being in contrast to each other. Colours roughly opposite each other count too, hence grey and white make a subtle team that can deliver on style, warmth or drama, depending on your preference.

You can have the grey and the white in roughly equal quantities, or one as the dominant and the other as the secondary colour. Another option is to utilise the classic 60-30-10 ratio, where grey or white will take up 60 or 30% of the colour scheme, with an additional colour as the 10% accent colour. You can use different hues of grey and white along with pattern and texture to add depth and character to the scheme.

What other colours go with a grey and white interior?

Quite possibly everything, since both grey and white are neutrals. If you’ve been relaxing amongst some cool greys and whites, maybe you’d welcome a burst of orange or plum to warm things up. Bright citrus colours, yellow and lime, will add lively accents. Pastels work well too, keeping the style soft and subtle. Metallic tones will add drama. Shades of blue will add a subtle contrast too. And don’t forget other neutrals!

Curtains and blinds give plenty of opportunities to add pattern, texture and accent colours. Let these necessary window dressings add to your grey and white interior scheme and guide you on what to do about cushions and other accessories.

A grey and white interior is sophisticated – and cosy

For an elegant yet still welcoming look, a lighter grey will elevate your room. And if the elevation you’re looking for has more to do with height, then a white ceiling will do just that. If this sounds rather cold, remember colours come with a hint of another colour about them. A grey with a hint of pink or brown will bring warmth to your chosen grey.

To enhance your look, Vertical blinds add sophistication to a room, and if you have bifold or sliding doors, then the Allusion blind, part curtain, part blind, is a practical and elegant solution to shading, protection and privacy.

A darker grey will make things more cosy. Add a panelled wall for texture and pattern. A lighter grey on the ceiling will enhance the cosiness. And a classic Roman blind brings both style and that snug feeling.

A grey and white interior is fresh – and serene

Are you looking for the crisp freshness of a coastal dwelling? A grey and white interior naturally lends itself to a Scandi influence. Add warmth to the grey and white with shades of deep blue, perhaps courtesy of a practical roller blind, or maybe Venetians or Duo Vision blinds for ultra control over privacy and light.

To enhance a sense of serenity, layer up with different shades of grey. Perhaps shutters will take you to a tranquil setting, or maybe you’d rather have flowing voiles wafting in a summer breeze.

A grey and white interior may sound boring, but when done with pattern, texture and different shades, the versatility of a grey and white interior scheme can be calming minimalist or dramatic maximalist, for whatever suits your taste.