The Benefits of Roman Blinds for Your Home

the benefits of Roman Blinds

Roman Blinds are renowned within interior design for their luxurious look plus timeless and elegant design. It is a highly decorative style of window dressing and if custom-made, makes the best use of your choice of fabric via its inherent soft looping construction. Roman Blinds are an exceedingly popular choice for bedrooms, dining rooms or the lounge. The benefits of Roman Blinds are considerable.

Did you know that if you are thinking about purchasing made to measure curtains then perhaps Roman Blinds could provide an economical alternative for you to consider instead? Here at Blind Technique, we expertly manufacture many Roman Blinds here by hand at our Eastcote Office, Workshop and Showroom location.

This week we outline the benefits of Roman Blinds for you and your home.

The Benefits of Roman Blinds

The Design

  • Design sits at the heart of the Roman Blinds style of window dressing as the chosen fabric really does become the star of the show – especially when the blind is closed.
  • Here at Blind Technique, we can offer a full range of styles, fabrics and lining options for you to choose from – including cottons, silks, plain, textured to special fabrics such as faux-suede. All our Roman Blinds come with your choice of lining – with blackout also available.
  • Our range now includes the ‘cascade’ style – a variety which uses extra fabric to craft a sumptuous and opulent finish
  • Plus, we offer our customers the chance to bespoke manufacture the Roman Blinds they really want from their very own fabric choice – as supplied.
  • Roman Blinds can make a simple but highly effective design statement or focal point within a living space or bedroom plus you could pair them with made to measure curtains to enhance a sense of luxury when creating a layered window look if you choose.
  • Roman Blinds also offer our customers the opportunity to co-ordinate their Roman Blinds fabric with other soft furnishings in the room such as cushions or throws. From a ‘framed’ window using Roman Blinds you can enhance and continue your chosen home décor scheme into the room with ease.

The Way They Work

A simple design and a classic operation.

  • Our Roman Blinds can be opened or closed manually via a cord or by remote control with motorisation. We provide Somfy motors which can be either hard wired or battery operated plus they can be incorporated into your home automation system, too.
  • Roman Blinds, made from one piece of fabric, offer enhanced light control and privacy in an instant via their specific pleated construction. Roman Blinds can also be energy efficient with the fabric offering insulating properties in winter and cooling benefits in summer.
  • They suit small windows, such as cottage windows, very well and yet they are also a versatile option to consider when creating a door curtain, too.
  • Roman Blinds are easy to clean and maintain (wipe with a damp cloth) and tend to collect less dust than other options.

The Custom Made Choice at Blind Technique

  • Blind Technique can hand craft Roman Blinds to the exact fabric, fit and finish our customers request
  • Blind Technique know every component which goes into our blinds and we have great control of our production process here on-site
  • Blind Technique have over 35 years’ experience within the custom blinds industry. Trust the experts at Blind Technique to deliver on bespoke design, fit, operation and installation – let alone high quality and competitive prices on every order – every time.

See For Yourself

  • You are welcome to visit our newly refurbished Showroom, just off the high street from Eastcote tube station to view some Roman Blinds display blinds in operation and have all your questions answered.
  • One of our friendly and professional sales advisors would be happy to book a FREE Home Appointment for you at a time and date convenient to you, too.
  • We offer free and no obligation quotations and all the professional advice you may need to decide which custom blinds are right for you.

Contact us today to find out the benefits of Roman Blinds as they would suit you and your home.