Supplier Spotlight Series : Somfy – the art and science of our motorised blinds

Welcome to the fifth of the twelve blog spotlights in this series on the suppliers we are proud to work with to serve you, our valued customers at Blind Technique! This week’s blog is shining a supplier spotlight on Somfy, who provide us with the high-quality motors we use in our custom blinds.

Please note the featured image above is a Sonesse® ULTRA 30 WF RTS Li-Ion from

By installing a motorised operation system such as this, you can take effortless control of the light and heat levels during the day and at dusk in your home, plus protect your privacy with ease. You can simply open and close your blinds with just the touch of a button or even a voice command – if the equipment is integrated into your home automation hub. Blind Technique is proud to be an authorised Somfy dealer for all your motorisation needs.

The Somfy group was founded over 50 years ago, in 1969. Somfy develops, designs, manufactures and supplies motors and intelligent building controls in order to connect and control solar shading in the home. They have a well-established global reach with presence in 57 countries, working with 121 subsidiaries and having a workforce of 8940 staff strong, to date. Somfy is the world leader in the automation of home access.

The types of motorised options Blind Technique can offer you from Somfy, are:

Sonesse™ motors for internal blinds

New wirefree™ motorisation

Remote control handsets

Did you know that motorisation offers you more flexible operating choices?  If you have a single custom blind you can motorise it on an individual basis or you could motorise multiple blinds all together. With multiple blinds you could also separate their daily operation into different groups easily – a configuration known as zoning.

The benefits of a Somfy motorised operating system for your custom blinds include:

  • Protection of your furniture and plants from sun damage
  • Automatic closure of your blinds at dusk
  • Automatic opening of your blinds as soon as its daylight
  • Effortless control of your blinds with voice command
  • Cordless solutions installed which are safe for homes with children
  • Ability to add to your home automation system in easy step by step phases

Here at Blind Technique, we can motorise the majority of internal window blinds using a Somfy Motor which is adapted and concealed discreetly in the headrail. You can choose to motorise:

We would advise that motorisation is particularly useful for roof blinds and blinds which are difficult to reach and/or operate with ease, manually.

If you would like to find out more about just home motorisation would work for you in your home, contact us today to book a free and no-obligation Surveying Home Appointment with one of our friendly and professional sales advisors.

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