Popular This Month: Silver Interior Design

Is this really a blog about silver interior design? Or is it a shinier version of the blog from February about the use of grey interior design? There will be some similarities to that blog, but we’ll also be exploring the light and glamour silver brings to your interior design.

How does one even get to silver as an option for your interior design? You find white too white but grey is just too grey … and you now find yourself actually contemplating silver. Surely not. It’s too, well, silver.

Silver brings brightness, sophistication and glamour – a subtle glamour at that. Silver interior design brings both shine and depth to a neutral or minimalist decor. Combine silver with a muted colour and you have elegance. Add silver to a vibrant scheme and enjoy the opulence.

Dark corners come to life with silver interior design, and bright areas shine even more as the silver catches the sun. Silver suits both a modern or a classic look, easily enhancing a scheme with accessories such as lamps, candlesticks, and of course, curtains and blinds.

Which spaces benefit most from silver interior design?

Any space, of course. If you want it, you will make it work. It’s just that a small dark box room, once a tiny maligned waste of space, can punch far above its weight with a silver interior design.

The lightness of silver will capture and reflect what light is available, whether from natural light or a lamp (a silver one, to match the blinds). If your only natural light source is a small window, you won’t want the window dressings to take up valuable space. Venetian blinds will fit neatly, and with a choice of colours, including silver, from the slim slats of the aluminium range, you’ll easily match the blinds to the other silver accessories. With Venetian blinds being the most flexible of blinds, you can have the slats fully open for optimum light, and then tilt the slats at your choice of angle for privacy.

Bathrooms and kitchen-diners are perfect spaces for silver interior design

The durability of aluminium Venetian blinds is perfect for the kitchen and bathroom. They won’t warp in the extreme temperatures bathrooms and kitchens generate. They also won’t rust in these heavy moisture environments and are easy to keep clean.

Kitchen-diners are spaces where you need light, but also cosiness. Neutral schemes always look good in a kitchen, making the space fresh and clean. Silver interior design will bring smart chicness to the dining area where you want your guests to feel comfortable – and impressed. Add a sleek or baroque-style silver mirror to the guest bathroom, and your guests will continue to be impressed, and jealous, at how you’ve carried your style into the bathroom, rather than just leaving it to its utilitarian function.

Large spaces also benefit from silver interior design 

Large windows? High ceilings? Floor-to-ceiling windows?! The Allusion blind might be exactly what you need. Part voile for shade, part vertical blind for adaptability of light and privacy, you’ll be well protected from the glare and heat of the sun. The silver-grey Allusion blind is one of our most popular products. It gives protection and chicness in one fell swoop and makes a stunning accompaniment to your silver interior design.

If you have a room with a lot of furniture, or a lot of knick-knacks on display, you can alleviate the sense of clutter by keeping the area bright, and silver will lend an easy hand. Again, let a silver fabric on a blind or curtain (such as the Lombardia range by Chatham Glyn) lend itself naturally to your other accessories.

On the other hand, a large room with a neutral design can end up feeling cavernous. By including silver in your interior design, you instantly introduce some glamour. Combined with greys and blues, the silver will stand out beautifully with your simple and elegant style.

Other metallics can be included in silver interior design

Are you after an especially rich and opulent look? Silver can be the primary metallic, and then select something to contrast it, like polished brass or gold. Cohesion in the look can be maintained by using similar textures, patterns and shapes. Remember, these metallics will capture and reflect the light, so play with the lighting, where it shines, and the material the fixture is made from. And whatever else you do, shine bright.