Wooden vs Aluminium Venetian Blinds: Which Is Right for My Home?

Wooden vs Aluminium Venetian Blinds

Purpose. This is often the answer to the wooden vs aluminium venetian blinds debate. Define your purpose and you will often find the right venetian blind for your home. Think aesthetic, function and ease of operation alongside which rooms and indeed which windows, you need to install your next new custom blinds.

Wooden vs Aluminium Venetian Blinds – the case for aluminium

  • Aluminium slatted venetian blinds are known to be highly versatile both in terms of function and in offering a modern and uncluttered aesthetic to the home
  • The choice of almost 100 different colours and finishes means you can truly choose the right one for you
  • The choice of four different widths when it comes to customising your horizonal slats means that you really can take purpose into account when looking for the right size to filter sunlight and reduce the impact of solar glare – perhaps in an office or study. We normally recommend that the bigger the window, the bigger the slat
  • All our aluminium venetian blinds are specially treated to prevent UV-light degradation – so this custom blind is an exceptionally durable option for you.
  • Did you know that our aluminium venetian blinds are made to measure and are suitable for use with a Perfect-Fit Blind or INTU Blind and with Velux Window Blinds, too?
  • Purpose is also shown in the design of aluminium venetian blinds. You can easily filter and reduce the direct light you receive in the room using the tilt function plus you can open it up to achieve full, maximum light, as well. The slats are light and easy to tilt with a control rod which you twist or two pull cords which you use to tilt in each direction.
  • Purpose is shown in the very nature of the material, too. The robust and waterproof aluminium slats make this choice extremely popular when dressing your bathroom and kitchen windows.

Wooden vs Aluminium Venetian Blinds  – the case for wooden

  • Your aesthetic purpose here could be served very well with a wooden venetian blind if you are looking for a timeless classic to complement or enhance your existing home design scheme. A wooden venetian blind is now considered a modern and contemporary ‘must-have’ in today’s interior design trends.
  • Your colour choices here include natural wood shades. You can choose from dark wood to lighter stains and even painted colours. Colours such as white or grey can reflect light back into the room to brighten the space and also the décor.
  • Four slat widths are also available for you to choose from when considering a wooden venetian blind
  • In the wooden vs aluminium venetian blinds debate – know that this choice also offers light filtering to reduce glare, manage lux levels and offer privacy
  • A wooden venetian blind can be fitted inside or outside the recess and is suitable for use with bay windows. There is plenty of purpose here with a wooden venetian blind when dressing a particularly challenging window within the home
  • Wooden venetian blinds are a firm favourite suitable for living rooms, bedrooms plus the home office or study
  • Wooden venetian blinds are a unique design and so if it is a style you like, you could upgrade your choice to one of Plantation Shutters, which we also make made to measure
  • Purpose is achieved with both a robust operating mechanism and high-quality material used to create an elegant and sophisticated finished product and look
  • When considering wooden vs aluminium venetian blinds – our Expressions wood effect range (wood composite) are specially designed to be waterproof as well as easy to clean so you could consider them for use in the bathroom or kitchen

You are welcome to visit our Eastcote Showroom to view the full range of slats and options as well as some venetian blinds on display and in operation, to see for yourself where you stand on the wooden vs aluminium venetian blinds debate. The choice can only be yours.

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