Popular This Month: Red Interior Design

Red! It’s a call to action. A warning to stop. A moment of passion. A tea towel has fallen onto the gas rings and all hell has broken loose. Whatever your views on the colour red, it can add warmth and cosiness, and be bold and invigorating, depending on how you use it in your interior design.

Unexpected red theory in interior design

While researching for this blog, I came across this nonsense. The so-called unexpected red interior design theory states that if you use red in a room, it immediately becomes better. A quick scan of no more than a couple of articles confirmed that I needed to stop reading this rubbish. It basically says use red as an accent, like on the handles of doors! Or cushions! Or one chair! And use a colour wheel. Well, duh. Maybe I missed something in my very quick scan because I went into these articles thinking them a waste of time … Nope, I was proved right.

Red is perfect for accents in your interior design

Of course such a bold colour is perfect for accents! Whether bright or an especially deep shade of red, red interior design will add an almighty pop to your muted or neutral scheme. Together, they’ll bring a sophisticated contrast of colour to your home.

Blinds and curtains offer an excellent opportunity to bring a dash of red to your space. From the patterned burgundy and gold of our Surreal Vintage fabric for a curtain or a Roman blind, to a plain but scarlet-coloured Roller blind, we have a variety of fabrics to provide that dash of fun, or timeliness, to your red interior design. How about a muted red cheque for that cottagey feel? Or for a modern wall of glass, our Allusion blinds now come in a variety of vibrant colours, including red. For a blind that will help keep you warm in winter and cool in summer, how about a cellular blind in Tangerine or Ginger Spice?

Can red be my primary colour in interior design?

Of course it can! Would you rather your huge dining room was more intimate? Red as the dominant colour will help with that. A muted red tone, paired with purple, or perhaps a darker shade matched with a cooling grey, will help you achieve the right mood – opulent or elegant – for your space.

As a primary colour, red may dominate approximately 60% of the colour scheme, but it doesn’t have to be the same shade. That 60% can be made up of different reds, and will be further broken up by the textures of the materials involved, and by pattern also.

Surely red interior design will make me angry!

People who drive red cars have more ‘accidents’. If you wear red, you’re looking for romance. Or to win a race. And when the red mist descends, you’re not responsible for your actions (although the law says otherwise. And also, I am not a lawyer and this should not be taken as legal advice.).

Red also represents strength and power. Put on your red robes (okay, your dressing gown), lounge in your red chair and remind yourself of all your accomplishments. Roll out the red carpet and dress accordingly (in red) to take on those important responsibilities – and win. Let your red interior design inspire you.

Perhaps you’re looking for a more homely feel with your red interior design. How cosy are terra cotta walls? The cosiest! Red may seem like the most vibrant of colours, but its muted tones, like rust or brick red, are neutrals, and so are a perfect backdrop for other combinations of colours.

Which rooms are best suited to red interior design?

Red in the office will help you meet that deadline. It can also contribute to feelings of confidence in the face of a challenging task. Red can increase your appetite, so in addition to being warm and welcoming, red interior design in your dining room will encourage your dinner guests to indulge and enjoy themselves. Red attracts, whether it’s for romance or you want to sell something. Due to its energising properties, red will also work in the bedroom. If you struggle to get up in the mornings, let your red interior design fuel you for the day ahead – or maybe you need to escape it because it’s giving you a headache – not that that will happen! Used in the right shades and tones for you, you can use red in interior design wherever you wish.