What Are Day and Night Blinds?

What Are Day and Night Blinds?

The good news is, Day and Night blinds are simple to use. The confusing news is that they go by several different names: zebra blinds, duo blinds, duo vision blinds, combination blinds, pleated and cellular blinds, perfect-fit blinds, and vision blinds. These are all Day and Night blinds.

So What exactly are Day and Night Blinds?

In a nutshell, this blind is suitable for both the daytime and the nighttime. These blinds are perfect for when you need more control over the amount of light that comes into a room. What are Day and Night blinds perfect for? They are perfect for controlling light and privacy no matter what the time of day and this is because they’re made from two types of fabric that either skim over each other or operate independently. One fabric is sheer, allowing in as much light as you wish. The other fabric is more substantial, usually blackout, and you can control how much of it you choose to utilise. The more substantial fabric you use, the more light you cut out, and the more private your room becomes. 

Why are Day and Night Blinds ideal for any room? 

They get rid of the glare on your screens without plunging yourself into darkness. Create a soft light for a restorative nap. Keep them fully open and let the light flood in or close them completely for total privacy and a good night’s sleep. You’ll have total control over the light and therefore the ambiance of any room in your home. They’re also perfect for the office, whether you’re trying to see your own monitor, or making sure you come across at your best during a Zoom meeting. 

Day and Night Blind Fabrics

As there are two fabrics in the make-up of the Day and Night blind, this means you have even more choices to make. They can even help with heating bills, particularly the cellular pleated blinds, as the two layers of fabric, plus the air they have trapped between them, create layers of insulation across your windows. This means cooler working on hot days or in the heat waves. You can select UV-protected material that reflects the sun so you can remain cooler during the hottest part of the day.

What makes Day and Night Blinds different?

If you’re familiar with double roller blinds, you may be wondering what the difference is between them and Day and Night blinds, as both employ two pieces of fabric. The Day and Night blinds require only one roller mechanism, or perfect-fit frame to house the pleated or cellular blinds, whereas the double roller blinds require two mechanisms, one for each fabric. This means that Day and Night Blinds take up less room and are a slimmer profile. This is very important if you have a limited-size recess or inward-opening windows. Of course, it all depends on the overall look that you’re hoping to achieve.

Whilst Day and night blinds are suitable for almost any vertical window, the pleated and cellular version can also be used on sloping windows such as Velux style, or roof blinds that you may have in roof lanterns or skylights. Moreover, the pleated and cellular version of the Day and Night Blind also comes in a perfect fit frame which means there is no screwing or fixing required, and they can be fitter neatly onto inwardly opening windows where there is no recess. This is common in a lot of new build apartments.

How do I choose the correct Day and Night Blinds for me?

As you will read below, choices are endless which is why we are here to help. Our expert advisors have installed hundreds of these blinds in a huge variety of different homes and windows. We make them all locally too, so why not start by contacting Blind Technique or popping into our showroom to find out more? 

With a wide variety of fabrics, from patterns, colours, and textures, to blackout and UV protection, you can match and contrast with your home’s decor and your needs, to your heart’s content. You even have the choice between manually controlling the blinds or having them motorised, which will allow you to control the blind either with remote control or simply ask Alexa to open and close your blinds for you.