Popular this month: Purple Interior Design

When you choose purple as part of your interior design, you need to consider if you’re going for luxury or …  a more subtle luxuriousness. Even in a lighter shade, purple is still special. For instance, the purple interior design in your meditation lounge represents the richness of your spiritual being. Purple will always be a sign of living the good life and enjoying it, and purple interior design can reflect whichever kind of wealth you have in abundance.

“When I am an old woman, I will wear purple” – and make it the primary colour in my interior design!

You don’t have to wait until you’re old to wear fabulous purple. And you don’t have to be a woman either.

Whether you’re planning aubergine walls and gold sofas, or a lavender easy chair with a chrome reading lamp beside it, purple interior design shows you to be bold of spirit, whether you’re regal, calm, or calmly regal.

You may review your small abode and wonder how to bring some character to your surroundings. Dark and bejewelled shades of purple will feed the monarch inside you, and you’ll be pleased to know you can make them work in a small space. Dark colours can actually make a small space look bigger. By absorbing the light, darker colours blur where each wall begins and ends, thus not just giving the illusion of space, but also adding mystery and presence to the drama of your petite purple room. With a dark purple interior design, you’ll be quite the enigma while you lounge on your cosy plum couch.

Purple interior design brings calmness

If you’re not here for the drama, muted versions of any shade of purple will bring a more subdued ambience while keeping the style purple interior design promises. Lighter shades of purple will induce relaxation and reflection. You can slip away into a refreshing slumber in your lavender and lilac bedroom.

And yet purple is also a symbol of creativity. If you have a home office, purple will not only brighten up your work day, it just might inspire you to new heights. How can purple inspire and relax at the same time? Purple brings about harmony of the mind, that’s how.

How can I even dare to have a purple interior design?! 

You need purple interior design to bring out that regal confident side of you. And yet without it, how will you develop the confidence needed to commit to the beauty of having purple interior design in the first place?

Perhaps immersing yourself in purple is too much too soon. Luckily, the notion of accent colours will allow you to introduce purple into your interior design one accessory at a time.

Purple velvet curtains speak for themselves. Or how about a classic Roman blind? Or a classic Roman blind with a modern abstract pattern? A sleek Roller blind, with a wide choice of fabrics available, might suit you more.

Shutters are the epitome of both classic and modern design. We can even match your posh  Farrow and Ball paint so your shutters will go perfectly with your purple interior design.

Which other colours work with purple interior design?

Because of its, well, purpleness, purple might, at first glance, seem like too bold a colour to play nicely with any other colour. This, of course, is the faulty thinking of those with little to no imagination, probably because they don’t spend enough time around the colour purple.

The darker the purple, the brighter gold, silver, copper and chrome will shine.  Any bejewelled colour, such as golden yellow and emerald green, is going to add to the extravagant comfortableness of your purple interior design. Hot pink with purple? You better believe it.

Lilacs and lavenders will soften and ease you when teamed with yellow, green and pink pastels. Add light grey to your purple interior design and behold the oohs and ahhs in praise of your sophistication. Combine white with purple, and your home will be both warm and fresh.

As for orange, need I say more? Within the extravagance of a purple interior design, anything goes.