Popular This Month: Emerald Interior Design

If you’re eyeing up emerald for your interior design, you’re probably planning on a rather lush experience. That’s not to say it has to be all velvet and chandeliers (which will look amazing!) because using emerald in interior design also lends itself to a sophisticated and modern look. So whether you’re looking to feel your regal best, or you plan to use emerald to warm up your chic neutrals, emerald interior design will energise and calm you, just like an espresso martini.

Emerald Interior Design: a little bit goes a long way

Rugs, cushions, blinds and other accessories are excellent opportunities for introducing emerald into your interior design as an accent colour. An emerald vase can be a sensuous curvy affair in clay, or cool and tall in emerald glass. A silk throw or a linen one? A handmade woven rug from ancient Persia or one from a Scandinavian artisan will give your emerald interior design a very different feel.

Emerald Interior Design: a blind for every taste

When it comes to blinds, you’ll have plenty of styles to choose from. What’s more luxurious than a Roman blind? And curtains made from lush material are an excellent choice for opulence. Meanwhile, the efficiency of the classic roller blind will suit your modern penthouse. For those large glass walls affording you a view of the cityscape or your garden, the Allusion blind should be everyone’s first choice.

Emerald Interior Design: a blind for every occasion

It’s not just about the look of your emerald window dressing. Blinds were made to provide privacy and shading – all the better to protect your emerald interior design.

For shading, you may want a fabric that keeps the sun off you and also reflects the sun away, helping you stay even cooler in your emerald oasis. Vertical blinds will give you more control over shading and privacy than a Roller or Roman blind would, as rollers and Romans will leave some of your window exposed when open, fully or partly.

Allusion blinds, a combination of voile curtain and vertical louvre, provide shade and privacy in equal measure, and at the same time! Shutters are an excellent choice too, as the louvres can be positioned at the angle you desire. Our shutters can be painted to match or complement your emerald interior design with Farrow & Ball paint, and what better paint for your urbane or Versailles-style home?

Venetian blinds are also excellent for controlling how much light and privacy you require. The slats, like louvres, can be angled however you wish. They’re available in a wide range of faux woods, or shiny aluminium, to compliment or shine vibrantly amongst your emerald interior design.

Emerald Interior Design: a natural showcase for metallic accents

With emerald as your primary colour, it will show off metallic accents to the nth degree, especially gold and brass. The red in these metals is a perfect complement to an emerald interior design.

You may be thinking too much emerald surely has no place in your chic home, but against a backdrop of exposed brickwork, reddish metals and emerald will warm your home, just as it would if you needed something for your chrome accents and cool grey plaster walls – a perfect frame an emerald interior design.

Emerald Interior Design: what else goes with it?

Reflective of a shimmering summer, yet warm and cosy for winter, emerald interior design suits any time of year.

Other bejewelled colours will compliment an emerald interior design, from ruby to sapphire and amethyst. So will rich hues such as magenta, fuschia, turquoise or any vibrant citrus.

Choose matt paint for a muted elegance, but that doesn’t necessarily mean gloss for lushness. A lacquer paint will give a glass-like finish and may be more suited to your sumptuous room, all the better to reflect your baroque or art deco mirrors and chandeliers. In either setting, succulents in terra cotta pots will bring the outdoors in.

Emerald may be a darker green but it captures the light so it never seems like a dark green. Whichever scheme you go for, emerald interior design will bring you style and joy.