The Best Blinds for Privacy In Your Home

Best Blinds for Privacy

When thinking about the best blinds for privacy within the home; we believe that one of the best things about creating your custom blinds is the opportunity to truly customise the view – both when looking out and more importantly – when looking in.

With the traditional end-of-year festivities now approaching; it really is the perfect time to evaluate whether your current window blinds still offer you the level of privacy you need to let you relax so you can really enjoy your quality time with your family and friends to the fullest, this season (guidelines permitting!).

Privacy is such a treasured aspect of our life at home, and with good reason. It is about setting a subtle yet effective material boundary between our public and private world. Our chosen window dressings can effortlessly help us express this essential need on a daily basis: to our loved ones, to our neighbours and to our wider local community.

So, which ones should you be considering?

Read our handy guide to find out more about how to choose the best blinds for privacy.

Blind Technique’s Handy Guide On The Best Blinds For Privacy

Prioritise The Window Opening Not Just The Blind

Privacy is ensuring that you have ample coverage to protect yourself against being overlooked so consider where your custom blinds are fitted – are they inside or outside the recess? This way you are more likely to achieve the best blinds for privacy, from the start of your customer journey with us, at Blind Technique.

It’s About Every Angle

What about your Conservatory Roof Blinds? Can you be overlooked from above? Do you have a bay window in the living room? Have you considered the gaps between your blinds throughout the home, which may allow a line of sight from certain angles/views?

Choose Your Product With Privacy In Mind

Know that Window Shutters are made to survey, especially for the windows within your home without any gaps present. This could be an ideal solution for dressing bay windows in comparison to Roller Blinds or Roman Blinds, for example.

It Is About The Construction As Well As The Aesthetic

Why not consider a custom blind with louvres or slats which can be angled to offer the perfect balance of light deflection and privacy. Good examples of the privacy principle incorporated into the design include Vertical Blinds, Venetian Blinds and of course, Window Shutters.

When It Comes To Privacy, Fabric Is Your Friend

The general principle on fabric is the thicker and more blackout the material chosen, the more effective level of privacy will result in the finished custom blind.

For Privacy, Think Double Duty On The Fabric Choice

Consider choosing day and night Perfect-Fit Blinds to offer you the option of incorporating a daytime fabric (such as a voile or a translucent material choice) to provide day privacy with a blackout fabric which provides increased coverage at night when you have the lights on at home and its dusk outside.

The Layered Look Could Be Ideal

If you have set your heart on Roman Blinds, consider purchasing custom-made curtains so that when you draw them all at night, you are more protected by both products, making a statement on your interior design scheme and on your wish to create that privacy boundary, in style.

Final Thoughts On The Best Blinds For Privacy

Send a message that this clear distinction of our time and spaces matters to you at home with a considered choice when it comes to choosing the best blinds for privacy, which suit you, available for use within nearly every room within the home.

After the recent challenges and compromises all of us have had to overcome and work with during the recent COVID-19 global pandemic; it feels more important than ever to protect the time we spend at home with those we wish to share it with in every way possible; especially at this time of year.

The best blinds for privacy could become the perfect early Christmas present for your home which you never realised you wanted, or in fact, needed, until perhaps – just now.

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