Popular This Month: Light Blue Interior Design

Planet Earth, the blue marble of the cosmos. Perhaps that’s why the colour blue brings us feelings of peace and calmness. Not that our little marble is peaceful, and the way we live our lives leaves little opportunity for calmness, so it’s probably a good idea to bring some light blue into our interior design. Let’s open our frantic hearts to the beauty of light blue and the serenity it brings. No wonder blue is a favourite for so many of us.

How light blue interior design works – a scientific explanation of colour theory

When Albert Einstein realised that E = mc2, it meant we now understood that energy and matter are the same thing. All substances vibrate, and this determines their form as matter. A substance that vibrates slowly is seen as physical matter. A substance that vibrates as fast or faster than the speed of light is seen as light. From this interaction of energy and matter, colour is created!

Before this, it was believed the Egyptian God Thoth created colour therapy. Not colour, but colour therapy. Yes, that got a lot less scientific very quickly because I’m not a scientist and this is a blog about using light blue in interior design.

The psychology of light blue interior design

Clear summer skies and gentle waves … Light blue lets us gently recharge, and our mood naturally lifts. Is this why Scandi design has so much blue, especially light blue, in it? They needed a tonic for the long winter months, and now their style is universally enjoyed.

You may think light blue wouldn’t be your first choice for both a home office and a bedroom, but the calmness helps concentration, as well as insomnia. Light blue interior design helps an excitable mind focus as well as drift off. Light blue whispers serenity, no matter the desired outcome. Now that’s versatility.

On which subject, Vertical blinds and Venetian blinds could be the answer to one space that has more than one use. If your bedroom is also your office, you’ll need something professional for any zoom backdrops, and also attractive for your downtime. Faux wood Venetians (whether brown, grey or white, a perfect complement to a light blue interior design) offer a touch of class in both instances. Venetians and Vertical blinds give you optimum control over privacy and light, perfect for a multipurpose space.

Practical applications of light blue interior design

Blues recedes, so your light blue walls and ceilings appear further away than they actually are. A light blue interior design will make your room appear bigger.

Blue bathrooms may not be the most original idea, but they work. Transport yourself to a Mediterranean spa every time you step into your light blue bathroom. Wash away your cares and relax.

And have you noticed, that whenever you pop around to your local palace, light blue is used because it sets off a period feature like few other colours.

Which colours go well with a light blue interior design?

White, of course! A bright white for freshness and simplicity. A warm white for a homely feel. Shutters, beautiful, stylish and practical, will be a natural window dressing for a white and light blue interior design.

Other shades of blue will bring depth. Texture and pattern will entertain the eye. Purple will bring luxury or add to the opulence, as will a dusky pink. And I can assure you, blue and green should always be seen.

Orange and yellow will bring a zesty contrast. And softer versions of yellow and orange, when combined with light blue interior design, will create the happiest of spaces.

If orange seems too much, take a step down to brown. Combined with blue, you’ll have a sophisticated palate on your hands. Grey will also bring calmness along with urbanity to your light blue interior design.

Whether you’re bringing these colours in as a secondary or as an accent colour, blinds and curtains are an excellent way to add to the feel of the room, whether you choose an efficient roller blind, with the wide variety of fabrics, colours and patterns available, or a homely Roman, for their style and comfort.

“Little as we know about the way in which we are affected by form, by colour, and light, we do know this, that they have an actual physical effect. … brilliancy of colour are actual means of recovery”. So said Florence Nightingale. Although, on her return from Crimea, she took to her bed with depression, from where she continued to campaign and advocate on health matters. I hope her bedroom was light blue.