How To Decorate A Guest Bedroom!

Sometimes we have to tolerate people in our lovely home. Maybe we’re happy to offer a bed to someone we care about. Either way, whether it’s a genuine welcome or we’re looking to outdo a frenemy, we want a guest bedroom that’s been decorated to be inviting.

But what if your guest bedroom has to double up as the home office? Even worse, what if the spare bedroom is your meditation sanctuary or your craft cave? Where are you supposed to think, damn it! Whether you have a dedicated spare room, or it needs to be multi-purposeful, here are some tips on how to decorate your guest bedroom.

How do you decorate your guest bedroom when it’s also your office?

While you probably won’t be working while your guest is simultaneously in the space, you can decorate a guest bedroom to be ready for you both without too much fuss. A desk that doubles as a dressing table is a no-brainer. And is it such a bad idea to have a daybed in your office? A power nap will do you the world of good and make you more productive. Once you wake up.

Venetian blinds are a practical choice for decorating your guest bedroom, giving you optimum control over light when working and privacy for napping. If you have the budget, why not go for the more dressy version of a Venetian blind and opt for a Duo Vision blind? Also known as Day and Night blinds and Zebra blinds, these blinds have two pieces of fabric, one sheer, the other opaque, that glide past each other, giving you the same control Venetian blinds give you over your environment. Duo Vision blinds will prettify the decoration of your guest bedroom while keeping the practicality Venetians provide for your workspace. For an extra homey touch, and to increase the blackout capabilities of your window dressings for your guest bedroom, you can double up with a set of curtains. They’ll be a welcome touch of opulence to make your guests feel at home.

How can I decorate my guest bedroom when it’s the only storage room I have?

Storage – what does it even mean? Things in storage are what we love but don’t actually want or need in our daily environment. So what’s the point?

Marie Kondo is a lovely woman who has turned her OCD into a million-dollar business. Marie will ask you to declutter by asking of each object you have in your junk – spare – room, “Does this item bring you joy?” If it doesn’t in the moment you ask this question, out it goes.

But what of the things you really want to keep? Like, you know, your stuff. What isn’t being donated or sold will find a new place in your actual home, where it can be seen and used. If it needs to stay in the guest bedroom, that’s what Ikea’s storage solutions are for. As for your window dressings, Perfect Fit blinds and Roller blinds will take up the least amount of room, with Rollers being the decorative and cost-effective option.

Your guest may well notice you’ve put them in the storage room, but you can still make it special by how you decorate said storage – the guest bedroom. A darker colour on the bottom half of the wall will make the room seem bigger. And some luxury wallpaper will also make the space homey and special. Add some glam and sparkle and help disguise your storage room by offering your guest an experience! Release your inner designer and amaze your guests.

Be practical and decorate your guest bedroom so that it’s ready for guests

Be a good host and decorate your guest bedroom so your guests won’t have to ask for anything. Towels and a water glass should be ready for them in the guest bedroom. So should extra pillows and blankets. If you think a cord or wand on your blinds might confuse them, be sure to show them how it works. It’ll also stop them from pushing and pulling too hard and breaking your lovely blinds.

How can I decorate my guest bedroom to make sure people don’t want to stay with me ever again?

I once spent the night at a friend’s and I was given a mattress surrounded by towers of stuff hovering over me while I tried to sleep. I could have been buried alive. If you don’t want house guests ever again, don’t decorate your guest bedroom!