Home Office Inspiration To Brighten Your Working Day

The Man, you know which one I mean, is all too eager to get us back into the office. This distrustful control freak needs to take a chill pill and let employees work from home where practicable. Sure, some folks prefer the office, especially if they’ve invested in office real estate, and with the move to work from home, the value of their investment is now plummeting. Meanwhile, others prefer not to add the stress of a commute to their day, to be refreshed and relaxed for work, and to be able to focus in the quiet of their home rather than being constantly interrupted by colleagues who have just dropped by their desk because they need to talk about everything face to face as if they’ve never heard of email.

So let’s explore home office inspiration to help you focus and be productive with a lot less stress.

Home Office Inspiration is a must when your home office is part of another room

If your home office is tucked in a corner of your bedroom, kitchen or living room, having the right blinds will help with your multipurpose space. During the day you need light to work, but you also need to shade your monitor. Then at night, you’ll want privacy. Venetian blinds and Vertical blinds have the same advantage, in that they give you the greatest control over light, shade and privacy. You need only tilt the slats and louvres to the desired angle, depending on what you need and when.

Venetians with faux wood slats will look both cosy and professional, a perfect choice for multipurpose home office inspiration. With the right fabric choice, Vertical blinds can suit any decor, from traditional to something more urbane.

Home Office Inspiration when you have a whole room to be your home office

Venetian blinds and Vertical blinds are still top contenders when it comes to home office inspiration for the same reasons stated above. But when out of sight of a Zoom meeting and colleagues, there’s no reason you can’t make yourself feel good with classy and attractive Roman blinds or some stylish shutters. Duo Vision blinds are a more dressy version of Venetian blinds, giving you the same control over light and privacy but with a softer appearance if you find Venetians too officey for your home. This makes Duo Vision blinds a practical and attractive addition to home office inspiration.

Duo Vision blinds are also one of the types of blind referred to as Day and Night blinds, as they’re easy to switch from needed light during the day to privacy at night. Double Roller blinds are also Day and Night blinds as they have two fabrics, one sheer for day and the other opaque for night. Top Down Bottom Up blinds (no, really) are especially versatile as you can adjust these blinds to whichever part of your window needs to be covered, and switch from sheer fabric to opaque with a simple tab. Such versatility is perfect for home office inspiration.

Home Office Inspiration means colours will help you be more productive

What can be more suitable to home office inspiration than the colours you chose? Do you get to be creative at work? Purple will help spark the mind and your soul. And for those moments of drudgery, hopefully brief, let that sun yellow or orange wall lift your spirits. As for those incompetent work colleagues and those awful customers you have to deal with, make sure there’s some calming blue for you to rest your eyes on.

Home Office Inspiration is needed when it’s where you spend eight hours of your day

An inspiring home office will invigorate you, help you focus and be productive, all from the comfort of your own home. Both your decor and how you work will play a part in how your home office inspires you to be in a place you want to be for eight hours a day. So consider how you’ll be setting up your workspace. An adaptable desk, which can be heightened to be a standing desk, will help keep you on your toes. Plants always brighten a space. Be sure to get fresh air – another reason the right window covering can be so important.

Another option is one of those desk beds. No, really. Churchill worked from his office, his bathtub and his bed. On her return from (the) Crimea, Florence Nightingale believed she had failed. Over the next twenty years, from her bed, Nightingale waged her campaign to improve the sanitation of hospitals. How’s that for an inspirational home office? So yes, a bed desk is certainly an option!