How to Measure for Blinds

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How to Measure Window Blinds

Window blinds essentially fall into two categories when it comes to measuring and fitting, those fitted inside-recess and those fitted outside-recess. Inside-recess is where either side of the blind is constrained, normally by a wall forming part of the window frame. Outside-recess blinds do not have a width constraint and if you are overlapping an opening, we recommend an overlap of 10cm either side - though this is for you to decide.

Measuring Blinds

  • Determine whether your blinds will be fitted outside or inside recess. see diagrams with arrows included to give an example of where to measure.
  • Measure the width and drop of your inside-recess blinds and we will calculate for you the necessary clearances for brackets and fitting.
  • Measure the width and drop of your outside-recess blinds, this is the actual size that you would like the blind.
  • Make sure you note the units you are measuring in, mm, cm, m, or inches.

Inside-recess Measurements

Inside Recess blinds fit into a predetermined space therefore measurements must be taken accurately. As most recesses are NOT uniform, we recommend that you take three width and three drop measurements and provide us with the smallest of the three. As you can see in the example above, there are tiles part way up the recess which will make the bottom width measurement less than the top. In this case if we only had the top measurement there would be a chance your blind would touch the sides at the bottom and not lower properly.

Outside-recess Measurements

Outside Recess blinds fit outside of a window frame and should be measured as the exact blind size you require. Beware windows that are not square or level.

How to Measure Conservatory Blinds

For a quick conservatory roof blinds quotation you can measure the floor area from glass to glass and we will be happy to supply you with a quotation or an idea of price. Please note that due to the complex nature of conservatories, all quotations are subject to a survey being carried out by one of our trained surveyors.

For conservatory window blinds please see above, measuring window blinds

How to Measure for Plantation Shutters

How to measure for a plantation shutters quotation

For an idea of the cost of our internal plantation shutters please measure the size of each window you would like shutters for. Measure the full width and height you want the shutters frame to come to. In the case above, it is the full inside recess measurement. All of our plantation shutters are bespoke manufactured specifically for you and any quotation will be subject to a full survey carried out by one of the Blind Technique team. We offer 6 different woods to choose from and they vary in price. Why not use the links below to check out the options available which will enable us to give you a more acurate quotation.

How to Measure for Awnings

In order to provide an idea of price for an awning we will need to know the rough width and projection you require for your awning. There are also various options of type of awning, be it for commercial or domestic application, with of without cassette. Also whether you require motorisation or any additional equipment such and wind sensors, lighting or heating etc. Any price idea will be subject to a full survey carried out by one of our trained staff, who will be able to advise you and answer any questions. Please use the link below to see the range of awnings and extras available.

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