What Is the Best Way to Measure Windows for Blinds?

The best way to measure windows for blinds Surveying Home Appointments with Blind Technique

At Blind Technique we genuinely appreciate that the key to the success of any or in fact all of the custom blinds we make or sell, lies in the exact fit when installed by a member of our friendly and professional installation team. Our family run business has over 35 years’ experience within the custom Blinds industry so let us share with you some top tips to enable you to find the best way to measure windows for blinds, if you choose to do so yourself, at home.

The Best Way to Measure Windows for Blinds

Take Your Time

Custom blinds can mean a significant financial investment in the home design scheme of your choice, as they can offer you years of light and heat protection plus privacy benefits, in return for this commitment. It makes perfect sense to schedule in a morning or an afternoon in your diary to concentrate on and so achieve this sole task. Remember it’s always WIDTH first, DROP second when it comes to finding the best way to measure windows for blinds.

Consider What Equipment to Use

Accuracy is everything – it’s helpful to round up to the nearest 1 mm on every measurement you take. Every professional will tell you that a metal tape measure is just the tool you will need for this task. You need to quantify both the width and the drop (length) of the window(s) in question, working to a prepared and sequential list of each window in each room. Plus, with pencils, paper and a pencil eraser handy, you can revisit any of your figures, at any time!

Decide On the Fitting You Would Like – Recess or Exact?

Are you looking to install custom blinds in the recess of your window or are you looking to create an exact fitting to cover the whole opening? This fitting preference makes a considerable difference when it comes to the best way to measure windows for blinds, plus the overall effect of the custom blinds once installed and in daily operation within your home.

Observe Any Potential Obstacles to Smooth Operation

You may have prominent window handles, window ledges, tiled edges within the recess, picture rails or skirting boards present (for patio doors) in the pathway of the drop, so you may need to note the location of these at each window to assist with the future installation of your completed custom blinds.

The Key is the Best of Three

To be sure, take three measurements at equal intervals across the width and down the drop of each window and note the narrowest figure of the three on each occasion as a top tip on the best way to measure windows for blinds.

Account For the Fitting Challenges Present in Different Window Types

Remember that for bay windows and conservatory roof lanterns, for example, you may need to patiently measure them one individual pane at a time.

Understand Your Preferred Choice of Window Dressing

There are subtle differences affecting the successful fitting of different types of custom blinds in terms of both aesthetic and operational performance, such as Perfect-Fit Window Blinds as they sit inside their frame within the glass panel. This is definitely something to consider when thinking about the best way to measure windows for blinds.

Consult A Custom Blinds Industry Expert for The Best Way to Measure Windows for Blinds

If at any time you find you are unsure or just not confident about the measurements you have just determined, contact us. Perhaps the best way to measure windows for blinds is to let a friendly and professional member of our team obtain them for you, offering you peace of mind by knowing that you will now receive the custom blinds of your choice, right the first time.

We can book a free and no-obligation Surveying Home Appointment for you. A team member can visit you at a convenient time and date at home. They can show you all options available, measure the windows in your home where you need new window dressings plus advise on all the fabric, colour and style choices on offer for your selected custom blinds. Although we may be biased, the best way to measure windows for blinds is to contact us! Rest assured that our Sales Advisors have company iPads with them on visits to enable them to produce a quotation for you the same day by email.

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