Tips For How to Make Your Home Brighter

how to make home brighter

Spring is here which naturally leads into Summer and from the early morning to the late evening light will flood into our homes. If you are looking to embrace the light by finding tips on how to make home brighter, here at Blind Technique we have a selection of ideas for you to try.

Reflect the light with your window dressings

Make the most of all the natural light coming your way this season by thinking light on all your window dressings. Make a design statement with light fabrics when you choose your custom blinds or made to measure curtains. Have you discovered light and shimmery sheers or voiles yet? Try a minimal look with a choice of neutral, natural fabrics if you purchase a fabric custom blind as you decide just how to make home brighter.

Cooler fabrics – how they make your home brighter

Every season brings its own temperature challenges and as we move from Spring to Summer we just want to get cool and stay cool when we relax at home. Just as we pick lighter fabrics to wear to go to work or for leisure, it is also a good idea to pick lighter fabrics for our home furnishings too. Your conservatory is going to be the place to relax during the summer months and enjoy the sunshine so pick throws, rugs and cushions in soft cottons and linens as you ring the design changes for yourself and your family. A lighter, cooler colour palette could be instrumental as you discover how to make home brighter.

Brighter rooms start with cleaner windows

Maximise the amount of light your windows can stream into your home with clean, bright windows. If you need tips on the best methods to get rid of streaks on windows – read our latest blog

A lack of clutter means a refreshing view of bright, clean lines

Clutter draws the eye onto unwanted detail in a room and disrupts the bright, clean lines you are trying to create with your carefully chosen window dressings and home furnishings. Have a spring/summer clean and enjoy the space you can free up when you sort and clear belongings and keepsakes you no longer need as you work towards identifying how to make home brighter.

Use mirrors with purpose

Another idea to try is to consider investing in a large mirror or a set of small mirrors hung near the windows and doors of the room where they can reflect even more of the natural light we are so lucky to have coming our way this spring/summer season. Use purpose and strategy as key tools to help you decide just how to make home brighter.

How to make home brighter – be bold with colour

If you are feeling adventurous and want to try another dimension on how to make home brighter – why not consider being bold with colour. At Blind Technique we are delighted to offer a comprehensive range of bold pops of colour or the latest pattern designs – just ask one of our friendly and professional advisors to see a selection of fabric samples to help you decide.

Let your curtain accessories take centre stage

Made to measure curtains, like the ones we craft at Blind Technique, come into their own when they are pulled back to their maximum across the curtain rod and fastened with a choice of tie-backs. Ask to see our range of Hallis Hudson accessories for you to choose from to help you on your journey on how to make home brighter.

Motorise, motorise, motorise

Incorporating as much light into your home should be a feature of daily living which is something you can do with ease. Consider choosing your next custom blind or made to measure curtains with motorisation which can be timed using smart home technology so that when you walk downstairs your living spaces are already flooded with light to help you greet the new day, every day.