The Ultimate Country Style Interior Design Ideas

Have you just moved out to the country for an idyllic life? Or do you prefer the city, but want to snuggle down in the evening in your country style home? Either way, here are some country style interior design ideas for you to consider.

What’s meant by ultimate country style interior design?

When I think of country style interior design, I imagine warmth, cosiness, rugs, checks and florals, well-loved furniture, and a place that looks cluttered but isn’t. Shabby chic, as they used to say.

And yet there are more modern takes on country style interior design too. There’s also farmhouse country and French country. And Tuscan and Scandinavian country. And what’s meant by country style anyway? Do we mean a cottage or a country house as in Downtown Abbey? Apparently we mean the former, because with all the different styles of country style interior design out there, casual and cosy tends to be the overriding consensus.

Let the architecture contribute to your country style interior design 

If you’re in an actual country house, there’ll be some beautiful features that will be doing some of the work for you: the wooden beams, wooden floors, fireplaces and stone walls.

If your home doesn’t have these natural attributes, you can create them. A mantlepiece will still add that country style to your urban home. Limewash paint will add a soft texture to your walls, enhancing the plaster and bringing a rustic feel to your environment.

Furnishings will make your country style interior design

If you haven’t already got a window seat, now’s the time to add one to your bay window. You’ll want the right window dressings to surround you and shade you while you sit, read and share a drink with friends. Both curtains and Roman blinds soften, perfect for a country style interior design. That’s not to say Roller blinds are out of the running. Roller blinds may be seen as more modern, because of their sleekness, but a Roller blind made with a fabric with a traditional pattern would still fit in beautifully with a country style interior design. Here at Blind Technique, we offer a wide variety of fabrics, including the Chatham Glynn range Country Cottage Checks – perfect for country style interior design.

All of this doesn’t mean your decor can’t be modern. You can have a classic blind style like a Roman blind and have a modern pattern. Shutters, as modern as they are traditional, would also be an excellent choice. We can even have them painted to match your choice of Farrow and Ball paint, whose cosy and classy muted colours will be perfect for your design. We also supply solid wood shutters to create that traditional farmhouse feel.

Mixing patterns can be a staple of country style interior design

Maybe it’s the notion of generations living in the same cottage that makes one think country style interior design is a mesh, or mess, of patterns from throughout history clashing together. But of course patterns can be mixed and share the limelight.

Classic or abstract? Have both. As long as patterns have room to breathe, the eye won’t become overwhelmed. So a selection of different patterned cushions will work on a plain sofa.

If a long bank of curtains, or all four walls are going to have a bold pattern on them, let them be the star feature. Follow through on the colours from those items, and be as different or similar in smaller clusters of patterns as you wish. By keeping the colours down to three, you won’t overwhelm the space.

Colour will make your country style interior design too

There’s a colour scheme for all tastes when it comes to country style interior design. Neutrals and muted colours immediately conjure up a country style interior – and so do brighter colours. Of course primrose yellow and bright florals belong in this scheme. Your own personal tastes need never be limited within a specific style. Earthy tones and pastels can come together. A terracotta wall and silk yellow cushions will contrast beautifully. You can have it all with country style interior design.