The Best Modern Kitchen Decor Ideas

Spring is in the air and it’s time to spruce up your home. Your kitchen needs updating – but where to start? From practical needs to aesthetically pleasing, here’s a handy guide to help you find the right modern kitchen decor ideas for you.

Modern kitchen ideas start with design

Kitchen design used to be based around the sink, the fridge and the hob. Having them situated at three points of a triangle allowed easy access to the main points of the kitchen.

But the modern kitchen has evolved into an entertaining, dining, living and workspace, and is often the laundry area too. However you incorporate modern kitchen decor ideas into your home, make sure it works for you. The triangle may be outdated, but it’s still a useful place to start.

Incorporating modern kitchen decor ideas can be easy

For the budget-conscious, a lick of paint or just changing the cabinet doors can make all the difference. Don’t forget to switch out brassy ornate handles to something sleek in chrome.

Keep the update going with new blinds. You can keep your kitchen safe and immaculate with fire and moisture-resistant fabrics. Roller blinds are easy to keep clean. Faux wood Venetian blinds are attractive and scratch-resistant. Aluminium Venetian blinds are shiny, perfect for your high gloss kitchen and highly durable, so be sure to include a modern blind amongst your ideas for your modern kitchen decor.

Modern kitchen decor ideas are for small kitchens

Japandi – the simplicity and elegance, the contentment and cosiness, of Japanese and Scandi design combined, could be the perfect way to bring modern kitchen decor ideas into a small kitchen space.

A painted ceiling will make the space look taller. So will slender, tall cupboards. Heavy patterns will overwhelm a small space, so let simple patterns and texture add depth and character – the perfect roll for a blind. Perfect Fit blinds click directly onto a uPVC window frame so takes up little room, and you can have roller, Venetian, pleated or cellular blinds.

One type of flooring may contribute to flow, but zoning will highlight how many different spaces there are in your home. Choose a large bold pattern to emphasise your modern kitchen decor.

A lot of storage in a small space can overwhelm it. Soften the look with cupboard curtains. Open shelves will also create a sense of space. Sliding doors will be much less of a bother too.

Consider a banquette if seating is a must in your modern kitchen decor. And size doesn’t mean you can’t have a breakfast bar. It may be small, but a tiny peninsula popping out of your kitchen top still provides extra dining room.

As for colour, by keeping it to monochrome, or just two other colours, your small space can still give a stylish punch to your home, showing everyone you can pull off modern kitchen decor, no matter the size.

Modern kitchen decor ideas are for big kitchens

Modern kitchens have grown into the main area of the home. The kitchen’s utilitarian role has to sit naturally next to the cosiness of the living area, and the chicness of the entertaining space.

Different shades of one colour, or colours that contrast and complement each other can zone the area, while a repeating pattern or texture keeps the design cohesive – and your blinds or curtains can play a big role here.

If you have bifold or sliding doors, Allusion blinds will be a major consideration. Chic and practical, Allusions are part voile, part vertical blind. They provide shade and privacy yet still allow you easy access through your doors, the individual panels allowing you to slip in and out anywhere.

Awnings are another serious contender. Not only will they increase your living space in summer, the shade provided by an awning is greater than any blind or curtain. By covering the window from the outside, your home stays cooler. Not only do you stay comfortable, but you keep the air conditioning bill down too.

Whether you’re planning a new modern kitchen, or updating your current one, you can make your kitchen space work for you and be stylish and comfortable, by incorporating these ideas into your modern kitchen decor.