The Best Light Blocking Blinds

One of the best light blocking blinds is Perfect Fit. They attach straight to the uPVC window pane, completely covering the glass so only a scintilla of light will get through. Other options are any blind that has a blackout fabric or lining, you just need to consider the style of the blind and the light that will inevitably ingest around the edges. Please read on…

Simple, yes?


You don’t have uPVC window frames? You don’t see all you want and need from a blind in the Perfect Fit range?

Aren’t blackout blinds light blocking blinds?

Yes, they certainly are, and blackout blinds are the best light blocking blinds you’re likely to find. Blackout blinds will cut out all the light – as long as you hang them outside the recess. Or hang them inside the recess and have another blind or curtains outside the recess.

What kind of madness is this? Can’t a blind that’s actually marketed as a light blocking blind block all light?

Er, not quite. That is to say, not necessarily. The thing is, it depends.

Blackout blinds and curtains are made from blackout material. Light cannot get through this material. However, it can get around it, through the odd gap, maybe thanks to an odd lumpy wall or an unfortunately angled street lamp. And that’s why it can be preferable to have two window dressings rather than trying to tackle the very laws of physics, when you’re after light blocking blinds.

Why have two window dressings when I only need one?

You could be absolutely fine with just the one blind. By hanging the blind outside the window recess, you’ll achieve total coverage of the window. Hanging the blind inside the recess can’t help but leave a tiny gap on each side, as the blind’s mechanism will take up just a few millimetres. In this case, any blind made from blackout material will be a great light blocking blind … Minus lumpy walls that won’t let the blind lie straight or those odd angled street lights the counicl will charge you a couple of thousand pounds to move one foot to the left.

I need light blocking blinds because I need to block the light!

What’s that? You want light blocking blinds to actually block the light? (Which aren’t Perfect Fit?)

So we’re back to doubling up window treatments. It’s called ‘layering’ – does it help that it actually has its own name?

By having two different types of blinds, or a combination of blinds and curtains, you can have full flexibility in how much light and privacy you want and need. This is especially useful if you have a living room or bedroom that also has to double as an office. By having two window dressings, you can be flexible with the mood and look of your environment, for whatever you need it to be.

And if your rooms are free to be what they were originally designed for, having two window dressings will give you further options for insulation during the colder months, and help you to control the heat and glare in our ever increasingly hot summers.

It may sound like a lot, that you’re clutteirng up the space around your windows, but with the right choices for your space, not only can they succeed as light blocking blinds, they’ll also add a luxurious opulence to your room.

How do I choose two light blocking blinds when I don’t know how to choose one?!

With the job of light blocking no longer being the full responsibility of just one blind, I say you’re free to get whatever you want.

Do you want the luxury of Romans combined with the practicality of Venetians? No problem. How about indulging in the wide range of Rollers alongside the beauty of Shutters? A lot of people compliment their shutters with blackout blinds. You want shutters and your partner wants curtains? You can have the best of both worlds!

You’ll need to pay attention to your decor. You may wish to mix and match or pick textures and colours that compliment each other or provide contrast. That may be especially useful in a room that has two functions. Layering can help you define your space as and when you need it, giving it a different feel whenever you require it.

By layering, you’re not just guaranteeing the best light blocking blinds for your home. You’re making your home space work for you the way you want and need it to be.