The Best Blinds For Bifold Doors

The Best Blinds for Bifold Doors

Too many blinds, not enough windows. How on earth are you supposed to choose? At least, when it comes to your bifold doors, there’s one style of blind that is better suited to them above all others, and that’s Perfect Fit blinds. In short, you need a blind that simply does not interfere with the actual opening and closing action of your bifold doors, and that’s why Perfect Fit blinds are simply the best blinds for your bifold doors.

However, if you want a longer and more informative version, please read on.

The best blinds for your bifold doors will keep you warm – and cool – and private

If you were to choose cellular Perfect Fit blinds, they really will keep you both warm and cool, depending on the season. In the winter, their honeycomb design will trap air and add to the insulation of your room. In the summer, they reflect heat away. If you choose a blackout material for your blinds for your bifold doors, you’ll cut out all glare and you’ll achieve a blackout effect. Because Perfect Fit snaps directly onto the frame, there’ll be no gaps for a slither of a ray of baking sun to sneak through to cook you or make your cushion fabric fade.

There’s also the option of Day & Night blinds. You can have a sheer material to allow light through but still give you privacy, and at night, you can replace it with an opaque material for total privacy, just by pulling on a tab.

The best blinds for your bifold doors are easy to keep clean

No one wants to spend time doing housework when they could be enjoying opening up their bi-fold doors and lounging in their garden. Thankfully cellular Perfect Fit blinds are easy to keep clean. All they require is a flick of the duster. The most you’ll have to do is give them a wipe-down with a damp cloth. And as they snap off as easily as they snap on, they can be easily removed so all that glass on your bifold doors can be kept shiny and clear too, all the better to enjoy your view of the garden.

The best blinds for your bifold doors could even be Venetian

It doesn’t sound right, does it? Why would you want Venetian blinds cluttering against your bifold doors each time you open and close them? And yet, Venetians give you much better control over the amount of privacy and light you wish to have. You decide how far you want to open up those slats. When it comes to experiencing this joy with your bifold doors, it’s the Venetian Perfect Fit Blind you have to thank! Yes, I am still on about Perfect Fit. These neat and smart Venetian blinds will still snap easily onto the frames of your bifold doors.

Will they still be easy to clean if they’re Venetian blinds? Pretty much actually. All you need to do is close them and flick a duster over them. These are very slender slats so there’s minimum space where dust can get trapped.

What if the perfect blind for my bifold doors isn’t Perfect Fit?

Maybe you just don’t like the look of Perfect Fit. After all, there are all those other styles of blinds you’ve been coveting. You can, of course, have whichever blinds your heart desires for your bifold doors – as long as you bear in mind the action of the doors and the size of your recess. If you have a very deep recess and your bifold doors fold neatly within it, you can have any blinds or curtains of your choice hanging inside, but probably outside, your recess. The whole world of blinds is open to you again, whether it’s the cost-effective and wide-ranging in colour and pattern roller blinds, or a cosy and charming row of Romans. Vertical blinds are always a sophisticated and highly practical solution to controlling light and privacy, with their louvres that rotate all the way around for maximum control. And then there are Allusion blinds. Part curtain, part blind, Allusion blinds could be perfect for your bifold doors. If the depth of your recess and the size of your room allow for it, there’s no reason why you should deny yourself this pièce de résistance of blinds for your bifold doors.