What Are the Best Blinds for Insulation This Winter?

best blinds for insulation

When everywhere you look you seem to be spending more money on standard living costs; now is the time when it makes perfect sense to select the best blinds for insulation this winter. The benefits of the best blinds for insulation is to support you to use less energy within the home and so save money on those rising heating bills this season.

Custom blinds are a prudent investment as the perfect snug fit to your windows at home. In addition, the style and the fabric you choose really can make a significant difference to how cosy your home becomes – when you need it most. When looking for the best blinds for insulation, the idea is to create a boundary to keep your heat in and your cold out, plus any draughts at bay.

Layers of breathable fabric are your best friend this winter season when it comes to choosing the best blinds for insulation. Couple your choices with motorisation for effortless day to day operation at this busy time of the year.

Roman Blinds

  • The soft, looping fabric construction of Roman Blinds present a stylish yet economical alternative to curtains
  • Here at Blind Technique, our range also includes ‘cascade,’ which is an option using extra fabric for a sumptuous and opulent finish – for your bedroom, dining room or lounge – a perfect design statement
  • Fabric blinds lend themselves to the inclusion of a smart lining on the reverse, such as thermal lining or blackout fabric, to increase the insulating benefits of this choice of custom blinds
  • This style is decorative, cosy, and luxurious, yet modern simplicity itself

Made to Measure Curtains

  • Curtains are hand crafted drapes which can be made from a huge range of fabrics available today, including your own supplied choice. A versatile option in terms of style and accessories, too
  • Choose a heavier, thicker material coupled with a thermal lining for the ultimate in cosy, insulating properties. Consider floor-length curtains for the best effect possible
  • Curtains are particularly effective at minimising both heat loss and heat transfer – again, offering you that breathable boundary
  • Curtains also offer soundproofing qualities, helping you relax at home

The Layered Window

  • The perfect combination when choosing the best blinds for insulation – Roller Blinds and Made to Measure Curtains
  • At Blind Technique, you can choose to match the fabric to create a really impactful design statement. This is a great choice for a Bay Window in the lounge, for example. If you wish to do this, then a Roman Blind is the natural choice. If you are looking for something simpler and as a contrast – select Roller Blinds here
  • Motorisation for both your custom blinds and your curtains could certainly add the wow factor
  • For the Layered Window design, you could try striking colour for your drapes and more subtle tones for your blinds

Perfect-Fit Blinds – Cellular and Honeycomb

  • Double Award-Winning Perfect Fit Blinds are the modern, practical blind system to transform any window in your home. The unique no drill, no screw installation system. One of the best blinds for insulation purposes
  • You can add blackout or insulating lining, too
  • The honeycomb, cellular fabric uses two layers of pleating to maximise heat retention by trapping air. The installation is one which integrates seamlessly into your windows and doors, ensuring the best fit possible as they sit within their own frame
  • Easy to install, clean and maintain. A huge choice of fabrics available and the windowsill left free for use such as to hold all your forthcoming holidays cards! What’s not to love?

For the best blinds for insulation – it can only be Blind Technique.

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