The Benefits of Sheer Curtains For Your Home

The Benefits of Sheer Curtains For Your Home - Blind Technique Ltd

Once upon a time a crazy old woman lived in a very old house and you knew how old the old woman was and you knew how decrepit the old house was because filthy net curtains hung in the dirty windows.

Then one day a marketing executive started calling them ‘voiles’ and ‘sheer curtains’ and suddenly net curtains became acceptable, even fashionable, again. By the sheer magic of words, people suddenly saw the benefits of sheer curtains, as well as their softness, elegance and beauty.

So, apart from their loveliness, what are the benefits of sheer curtains?

An obvious benefit of sheer curtains – privacy and light

This isn’t rocket science. This is exactly why your Gran had sheer curtains.

One benefit of sheer curtains is that they diffuse the light while also giving you some privacy. That’s actually two benefits of sheer curtains. The more folds in the fabric, the more privacy you’ll have, as the extra folds add a little more density to the sheerness and makes it harder for any gawpers to see anything. The extra folds also give the sheer curtains their sense of flow and movement, adding a touch of serene elegance to their practicality.

However, this level of privacy is for daylight hours only. Come the night, when you turn a light on, anyone and anything in the room will be visible from the outside. Sheer curtains work best when partnered with a curtain made from a more substantial material or a blind. You may not be used to seeing sheer curtains with blinds, but it’s well worth discovering the best blinds sheer curtains can be paired with.

A useful benefit of sheer curtains – they’re compatible

You’re probably accustomed to the sight of sheer curtains with other curtains, ones made from a more opaque fabric. But sheer curtains can two-time with all manner of blinds too.

Roman blinds are always going to look stunning – as long as privacy isn’t an issue. Romans, like Rollers, can only give you complete privacy when completely closed. With sheer curtains, you can have your Romans, with their classic style, or Rollers, with their wide variety of fabrics, and still enjoy your privacy.

A surprising benefit of sheer curtains – they’re not just for windows

A sheer curtain can be surprisingly versatile. Need a canopy for the bed? Or perhaps a divider for a room, or to keep a storage area out of site. A sheer curtain can easily replace an interior door too – have you ever been in a place so small doors crash into each other if opened at the same time? Thanks to the adaptability of sheer curtains, you can increase your privacy in a small space, or create your own petite sanctuary in a much larger one.

Sheer curtains can also assist with other decor challenges. If an area is especially stark, such as a hallway or landing, a sheer curtain can’t help but bring a soft and comfy ambience.

A necessary benefit of sheer curtains – they protect

It’s not that we’re saying you need a mosquito net, it’s just that with bugs getting bigger and more, er, interesting, as an increasing number migrate to the warming shores of the UK, you really might need one. Whether it’s a sheer canopy around your bed, or a sheer curtain at the window, this could be a necessary investment to prevent all manner of nasty surprises when you’re trying to sleep.

This is how sheer curtains contribute to the wonder of Allusion blinds. Half louvres, half voile, Allusion blinds gives you control over your light and privacy, and allows you to have your bifold or sliding doors open without letting in all variety of stinging and buzzing insects.

And just because the fabric is sheer doesn’t mean it doesn’t protect from UV rays – it most certainly does. Sheer curtains will keep your furnishings, and yourself, unfaded over many a year. (This is actually only true of your furnishings.)

A helpful benefit of sheer curtains – they’re easy to handle and easy to clean

With sheer curtains being so light, they’re the easiest curtains to take down, pop into the wash, pop into the drier (depending on the fabric), and pop straight back up again. I’d say more about how easy they are to maintian, but that really is it.

Sheer curtains combine a soft look with protection. They’re versatile and bring a touch of glamour to any space. They’re no longer the mark of a time long passed. Sheer curtains will freshen up and lighten up your home.