The Benefits of Electric Blinds

benefits of electric blinds

When thinking of the benefits of electric blinds we tend to consider the effortless operation of them on a daily basis. Motorisation can be seen as a luxurious touch to your chosen custom blinds and, if connected to your home automation system, can become a stunning feature of your home in its own right.

This week’s blog from Blind Technique outlines the benefits of electric blinds in more detail.


With hard to reach windows such as conservatory roof blinds, the benefits of electric blinds are clear. You can open and close them at the touch of a button so you can continue enjoying this valuable social space without having to make extra time and effort to reach any manual controls such as cords or chains.


With the choice of app, remote or voice control you can open and close single and multiple blinds in a configuration to suit which includes individually, all together or in different groups – known as zoning. This can save time and prove particularly convenient, especially on early mornings. You can also set your operation on a timer so it is a fully automated process you never have to think about, it just becomes an integral part of the daily life of your home.


On busy social occasions when you are playing host, you can protect your privacy in an instant with the benefits of electric blinds. When you return home in the evenings it is now possible to set your light, heat and blinds to come on at a specific time so that the physical boundary between your public and private life is secure before you put your key in the door. Enjoy precious, valuable peace of mind – especially if you live alone.


When working from home, you may find you are often working late into the evening. Give yourself one less thing to worry about with the benefits of electric blinds as they quietly close behind you without distracting you from your deadlines, reducing screen glare just when your concentration needs it most. When working away from home, be reassured that the benefits of electric blinds are enhancing your home security automatically, whilst you are not there as you can control them via remote control or even from your smartphone or tablet at a location anywhere in the world.

Child and Pet Safe

The absence of cords and chains on your electric blinds means that you no longer have to worry about a potential strangulation hazard within the home, if you choose to use them throughout, which could accidentally affect your children or pets.

Protect your valuables from direct sunlight

The benefits of electric blinds mean that you can set exactly when you wish to open and close them in the rooms where you display your precious items which may be vulnerable to fading and discolouration from prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, particularly in the summer months. Safeguard your much-loved wooden floors and hand-picked furniture and artwork with the benefits of electric blinds.


By setting a timer, you can work with the sunlight levels we experience every season to maximise natural light and reduce your need to turn on your lights and your heating until absolutely necessary. Once your custom blinds close, the perfect fit achieved maximises your insulation as the temperature drops.

Add value to your home

The benefits of electric blinds mean they can offer a ‘wow factor’ for prospective purchasers, impressed that you have already made the investment in comfort and convenience so they don’t have to.

The benefits of electric blinds at Blind Technique

  • We offer the option of remote control motorisation across our entire range of conservatory blinds and window blinds.
  • The high-quality motors we use from Somfy or Louvolite are neatly concealed and operate via a battery or are mains powered.
  • Your window blinds can be individually controlled and operated from a wall-mounted switch or a remote control handset.
  • The timer feature operates by programming opening or closure at certain times or in response to information from a sun or heat sensor.

When it comes to the benefits of electric blinds – think Blind Technique.

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