Simple Bedroom Decor To Create A Serene Space

You want to ensure a blissful night’s sleep. You need your bedroom to be a haven of serenity.

But your partner snores. Or they’re propped up beside you half the night working on their laptop. Perhaps you’re distracted by the TV you have mounted on the wall above your workstation which has been squeezed between your chest of drawers and the wardrobe.

This blog won’t help with relationship counselling, but it can help you create a serene space with simple bedroom decor to lead you into the land of Nod.

Isn’t simple bedroom decor the same as minimalist bedroom decor?

Minimalism is a specific design choice in which shape and form are used to make a big statement with very little. Simple decor suggests you just want to keep things, well, simple, and serene.

Both lead to decluttering. Both aim to minimise distractions. Both require you to be mindful of what you bring into your home. So how you approach simple bedroom decor or minimalist bedroom decor will require similar actions, but you’ll be pursuing one or the other for different reasons.

The best blinds for simple bedroom decor

The aim of simple bedroom decor is to create a clean and clear space. A bed and some storage. Maybe a dressing table, maybe a chair.

And what of your window dressings? Curtains may take up too much room at the side of your windows. They’re also notorious dust collectors. A cleaner environment, gained by swapping curtains for blinds, may aid you in a more satisfactory sleep.

And yet, curtains are the best option when it comes to providing a near-perfect blackout effect. (Ahem! Light will always find a way to seep in if there’s a light source in the vicinity. All we can do is create as close to blackout as possible.) When it comes to blinds, how you hang them will play the most important part in blocking out light. Hanging the blind outside of the window recess will be much more effective than hanging it inside the recess, where a slim gap can’t help but be created between the blind and the recess.

A fully cassetted roller blind will be a smart and neat addition to your simple bedroom decor, and it will create a blackout for your serene bedroom. Your roller blind will have a pelmet, side channels and if necessary brushes on the bottom of the blind to stop the light from sneaking in.

How to have simple bedroom decor when your bedroom is also your home office

When your space is multifunctional, the more important it is to keep things simple and clean. Inbuilt furniture will give your simple bedroom decor a streamlined look. It also creates more space and efficient storage solutions for those non-bedroom things. Foldaway furniture will also be a great asset.

A bedroom that’s multifunctional is a challenge for window dressings. Vertical blinds and Venetian blinds are great for controlling just how much light and privacy you need, so are usually a winner for a multipurpose room. However, the light bleed that comes with them is practically a feature. Where would all those noir movies be without the shadows and light Venetian blinds create across Bogie’s visage? Did Jake Gittes say Curly couldn’t eat his curtains? No, he told him he couldn’t eat his Venetian blinds! Hey, that’s Chinatown for you. Life just isn’t fair! To create a blackout under these circumstances, I usually recommend doubling up on your window dressings. But simple bedroom decor does not sound like it would care for the opulence two window dressings suggest. Day and Night blinds could be the answer. With one opaque and one sheer fabric, you can adjust them however you wish to suit your needs.

The best colours for simple bedroom decor

Any colour can be made to suit your simple bedroom decor. It’s a question of which tint, tone or shade you use. A muted colour or a pastel might be your idea of serenity, or a darker colour may call you to your slumbers more soothingly. Pattern isn’t out of the question. Textured wallpaper will add character and depth. Simple still allows for style, and you can have it in gentle oodles in your simple bedroom decor.