Room Inspiration: The Best Blinds for The Conservatory

best blinds for the conservatory

Many of our valued customers at Blind Technique take the time to share with us the fact that, when choosing the best blinds for the conservatory, that this room probably remains the most challenging social space to maintain within the home.

Maximising the use of the conservatory means that window dressing challenges can arise when looking to expertly manage light and heat requirements; plus maintain an active and effective commitment to – and investment in – the promotion of energy conservation within the property.

Such purchase-critical concerns can influence your preferred choice of the best blinds for the conservatory, as these design and functional features must be readily available from the start to offer these benefits from installation. When installed they need to perform optimally, all year round and to the satisfaction of everyone who chooses to spend time in this room. Your preferences may also need to deliver a seamless aesthetic extension of your chosen current home design scheme –  or at least a stylistic nod to it; with coordinated custom blinds selections for both your conservatory window blinds and your conservatory roof blinds.

So, let’s find out the best blinds for the conservatory to help you make the right decision!


Blind Technique’s guide to the best blinds for the conservatory

We pride ourselves on offering the most popular and practical options for you to consider:

Pleated Blinds – our most popular choice – available in high tech fabrics

Roller Blinds – the ultimate in simplicity and style with high tech fabrics also available

Perfect-Fit – versatility by design as Pleated and as 25mm Aluminium Venetian Blinds


The key consideration when choosing the best blinds for the conservatory – high performance fabrics

We believe you need custom blinds which are not just suitable for the needs of the conservatory but also ones specifically designed for this space – so step forward the inclusion of high performance fabrics. Conservatories can be cold, so you need temperature control to keep you cool in Summer and prevent heat-loss in Winter. Accessibility can also present a challenge when your chosen custom blinds are in operation so know that we can effortlessly incorporate the increasingly reliable and affordable option of motorisation. We choose Somfy motors for most of our conservatory blinds – quieter, more efficient, and sometimes battery-operated for ease of use and so convenient control.


Why custom blinds are the best blinds for the conservatory

Conservatories can often present with windows and indeed angles showing a variety of different shapes and sizes (and accessibility!) to dress well. You may need shaped roof blinds, blinds for roof lanterns, blinds for skylight windows plus other bespoke options which may still just be in the drawing or planning stage in a new build or an extension (residential) or in a property development scheme (commercial). Therefore, custom blinds are the best blinds for the conservatory!

You need to choose a blinds industry expert who understands that a bespoke approach does not stop at the workshop but continues every step of the way, from conception to the completion of every order placed, finished, and then expertly installed, when considering the best blinds for the conservatory.


Find the best blinds for the conservatory in your home with Blind Technique

We take the professional time to know and appreciate just what it takes on an aesthetic, functional and operational basis to dress a conservatory window and/or a conservatory roof, helping you to find the best blinds for the conservatory in your home.

Please take all the time you need to consider the best blinds for the conservatory which suit the specific space within your home.

Here’s why you should choose Blind Technique to provide the best blinds for the conservatory:

  • Made to measure conservatory blinds are our speciality for over 25 years
  • Conservatory blinds – our flagship product when we first started our family-run business
  • We have great control over the production process via our on-site workshop here in Eastcote, providing high quality and guaranteed conservatory blinds
  • We manufacture conservatory and window blinds from the same family of fabrics – many on the principle of handmade locally
  • We work from concept to completion on our bespoke craft – manufacturing, supplying, and installing the best blinds for the conservatory in your home
  • Your customer journey with us can be guided by our friendly and professional advice and FREE and no-obligation quotations (upon request)

Remember we are here at Blind Technique to help you find the best blinds for the conservatory in your home –

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