Room Inspiration: The Best Blinds for Living Rooms

Room Inspiration: The Best Blinds for Living Rooms - Blind Technique Ltd

Are you looking for inspiration for your living room? Is it party central? Is it your sanctuary? Maybe it’s the hub of your home. Perhaps it’s a small space struggling to fulfil all those roles.

Between the cats and my sister’s hoarding tendencies, my living room … fine, it’s the cats’ living room. My point is, the living room needs a complete re-imagining if it’s going to meet just a few of the needs of the humans who use it.

It’s possible you don’t have to take cats into consideration when it comes to choosing the best blinds for your living room. Maybe you’re more concerned with keeping the heat in and your nosey neighbours out. Whatever your needs, finding the best blinds for your living room can make a very big difference to your home.

Shine a light on The Best Blinds for Living Rooms

You need light for the corner of the living room, under the telly, where you’ve set up your tiny home office. You also want the room to be more cosy in the evening when you settle down on the couch with a bottle of gin and a boxset.

Venetian blinds will allow you to get the light in your living room just right at any time of day. Yes, Madame Coco La Chatte will delight in having a ladder to climb up. Simply keep the slats slanted upwards to stop her chances of mistaking your blinds for a toy. Of course, Madame Coco is a clever girl and will find her way under or through the blinds and can climb up them from the other side! So it’s probably worth knowing aluminium venetian blinds are the most durable. And if you go for faux wood, they’re pretty scratch resistant too. Venetians are an excellent all-rounder, making them strong contenders for the best blinds for your living room.

The Snoopy Buttinsky from next door

Can any old Tom, Dick or Harriet passing by on their way to the shops stop and have a good gawk at you while you’re eating? Once again, Venetians or the always stylish Vertical blinds will give you greater control over your privacy while in your living room. Duo blinds can also be a good choice, with their combination of opaque and sheer fabrics allowing you to control both light and privacy.

Your living room may fulfil many functions, but with different materials and styles, you won’t be short of choice for the best blinds for your living room.

Home is where the heart is

Perhaps your living room is free to be just a living room with the best choice of blinds. There may still be design features you need to take into account, such as a wall of glass courtesy of sliding or bifold doors. If that’s the case, Allusion blinds are going to be hard to beat, with vertical louvres to allow ease of access and a modern voile to keep the bugs out in summer. Vertical blinds are another good choice for sliding doors, and therefore your living room, for similar reasons.

Perhaps you’re forced to enjoy your garden through a beautiful bay window.  Perfect Fit blinds and shutters both overcome the issue of the various angles of the bay, as well as cater for the more individually shaped window.

And what’s a living room without Roman blinds? They will add all manner of beauty and grace to your living room, even a bay window if it’s gently angled.

When choosing the best blinds for your living room, you may also need to consider how much sun your living room catches. A vibrant fabric will fade after a few years in direct strong sunlight. Or perhaps the room is a magnet for the cold, so you might prefer an insulating fabric to help you through the winter months.

Roll up roll up roll up!

There’s nothing wrong with the cost-effective Roller blind for your living room. With the vast range of fabrics on offer, you can find something to suit any decor, and therefore lift the whole room and make them the best choice of blinds for living rooms. Although, if your living room is in the front of the house, as with Romans, Rollers won’t afford you privacy if you need them open some of the time. And if they’re in sight of your Zoom calls, Romans may look too cosy during an office meeting.

And if you accept your cats are in charge, choose vertical over horizontal (no ladder for them to climb), and motorised over manual (no cord to get tangled up in). Shutters would be the best choice of blinds for your living room. They can’t break them. But if Mr Twinkle insists, you can get him some faux wooden slats to clamber up. He’ll have endless fun with your – his – blinds in the living room