Room Inspiration: The Best Blinds For Bedrooms

Room Inspiration - The Best Blinds For Bedrooms

Your bedroom is your private sanctum, where you rest and recuperate from the day. Unless, that is, you have to use it as an office too, or share with a sibling with different needs and tastes than you. We can’t really help with that, but let’s start with the basics and assume everyone is using their bedroom for sleep, unless you’re my mother and you’ve been sleeping in a chair in the living room for the last forty years.

The best blinds for your bedroom are the ones that help you sleep

When our bodies know it’s dark, it develops melatonin, the hormone that helps us fall asleep. So the darker we can make our bedrooms, the more rested we will be. Light cannot pierce any blind or curtain made from a blackout fabric, so clearly that would be an excellent bet for the best blinds for your bedroom. However, light just might slip in through that millimetre at the side, where the bracket to hold the mechanism for the blind goes. This can be easily solved by having a side channel, to seal up the gap and give your blind its own frame for a rather smart look. You can also have the blind or curtain hang outside the recess, to ensure full coverage over the bedroom window. If you’ve the space and the money, you can layer up on your window dressings for your bedroom. Why have one when two will allow you to have full control over how much light and privacy you need in your bedroom. It also adds oodles of opulence to your sanctum.

You may not want such a thorough blackout in your bedroom from your blinds. Perhaps you like to be woken up as the sunlight brightens and inches its way into your bedroom. Rather than blinds made from blackout material, you can have more of a dimout effect. You can control how dark your bedroom becomes depending on the room darkening fabric you choose for your blinds, of which, of course, there is a wide range.

The best blinds for your bedroom and your allergies

Light may not be the only issue that disturbs your sleep. One advantage to having blinds, especially in the bedroom, is that they collect so little dust. While curtains are literal dust catchers, blinds are a much better option. Shutters are especially less prone to dust, and can be easily cleaned with just a flick of a duster instead of being taken down, shook out, beaten until the broom head falls off, and bunged into the washing machine or carted off to the dry cleaners and all that entails.

And should your allergies get the better of you, and you find yourself curled up in bed, the last thing you want to be doing is faffing about with your window dressings. Instead, the best blinds for your bedroom can be motorised. With a press of a button, or with an instruction to Alexa, you can have your blinds exactly where you want them without having to get out of your warm cosy bed.

The best blinds for your bedroom are the ones that fit your windows – no, really! 

By that I mean getting the right blinds for the kind of windows you have in your bedroom. If you have a bay window, you’ll need to consider the acuteness of the angles. Shutters and Perfect Fit are an excellent choice in this situation, as both can be easily made to fit any window, regardless of the shape, angle or position.  Perhaps your bedroom is in a converted attic, in which case a Velux blind for your Velux window might be just the thing.

The best blinds for your bedroom provide both light and privacy

Vertical blinds are hard to beat for both sophistication and practicality, so they are a natural option to be the best blinds for your bedroom. The vertical louvres rotate all the way round so they can be set at any angle. And with a wide range of colours and textures available, Vertical blinds will easily blend with your already stunning decor.

The best blinds for your bedroom will enhance your decor

New blinds for your bedroom can add a touch of cosiness and warmth, or maybe you’d like to add a touch of glamour. Aluminium venetian blinds with a pearl or metallic finish will add sparkle to your bedroom. Meanwhile, the classic Roman blind will always add both style and cosiness to the most snuggly of bedrooms. Who knew that such a variety of blinds could all prove to be the best blinds for your bedroom?