Why You Should Invest in Room Darkening Blinds

room darkening blinds

We always talk about greeting the early morning with optimism for the day ahead as we pull up our custom blinds and throw back our made to measure curtains – but what if your sleep has been disturbed the night before? Would room darkening blinds be the answer for you to enjoy consistent, comfortable and restful sleep? Are there any other benefits to investing in room darkening blinds? We discuss why you should invest in room darkening blinds here.

Aiding Good Sleep Hygiene

Room darkening blinds supplied with dimout fabrics or linings such as Roller Blinds and Pleated Perfect Fit Blinds could help you with manage light entering your bedroom during the night. To sleep well we need to rest at a consistent temperature so with a specialist fabric like the ones we describe, you could prevent a rude awakening with unexpected and unmanaged early morning sunlight during the summer, for example. Conversely, early morning winter sun could see the room chill unexpectedly, too.

Energy Saving properties

Dim out fabrics are often thicker and can be layered so could offer an insulating quality to the blind once fully closed. This feature could help maintain the temperature of the room and reduce heat escaping. With a consistent room temperature comes a consistent body temperature – to aid sleep.

Privacy benefits

Bedrooms are our private, personal sanctuary spaces so dim out fabrics, more than many others, can offer a completely opaque barrier once closed to ensure you enjoy the level of privacy at home you have come to expect. In absolute privacy, you are more relaxed – which again, could aid a healthier sleeping pattern.

UV Ray Protection on offer

Ask one of our friendly and professional sales advisors at Blind Technique about our special, technical fabrics. The joy of custom made blinds is that you can create exactly the window dressing, bespoke to you – and this includes using a fabric with UV Ray protection built in. UV Rays can adversely affect people as well as property so consider investing in dim out fabric in the rooms where you keep your most precious items such as antique furniture, paintings and objet d’art – the colours in these can fade over time without such protection. If you have wooden floors the same fate could befall them too, so consider investing in hallways or corridors.

Room darkening blinds which are easy to design, manufacture and install

Blind Technique, a family run business with over 35 years’ experience in the custom blinds industry can advise you in person at our Eastcote Showroom, over the phone or during a FREE Home Consultation – just how easy it is to design, manufacture and install the room darkening blinds you are really looking for. Roller Blinds and Pleated Perfect Fit blinds both offer an expanse of fabric to offer you the opacity and the thickness you need to achieve the room darkening blinds effect.

If you think you should invest in room darkening blinds, please contact us today.