Room Inspiration: The Best Blinds for Bathrooms

Best Blinds for Bathrooms

Bathrooms are all about the non-negotiable and effective management of privacy and humidity. You need custom blinds which deliver against both these essential considerations for you to truly relax within this precious sanctuary space at home. The best blinds for bathrooms must also enhance an existing home décor scheme or perhaps even act as the focal point to create a new one – so both aesthetics and functionality are also key.

So which window dressings would be the best blinds for bathrooms to help you achieve these goals? Read on to discover Blind Technique’s recommendations for this important room within the home.

Blind Technique’s view on The Best Blinds for Bathrooms

We believe you need coverage and you need easy to clean. Think about the construction of your custom blind as much as your preferred aesthetic to achieve this. You need a durable choice which looks as elegant and as pristine as it was on the day of installation by one of our friendly and professional team, when you select the best blinds for bathrooms.

Venetian Blindsit’s the slats. With this type of custom blind, you filter the light level and you control the amount of privacy you wish to create. They are simple to operate and easy to maintain. They can be seen as a modern and uncluttered best blinds for bathrooms choice; enhancing the ambience of a space you can rest and relax in – on your own terms and for as long as you wish.

Aluminium Venetian Blinds – this robust and waterproof custom blind means you will have no concern for damage to fabric, for example, from moisture or humidity levels over time. You just wipe down when you need to yet they will give you a lifetime of service. They won’t rust, are less likely to warp and are splash-proof. They would make a practical and stylish best blinds for bathrooms option.

Faux-wood Venetian Blindsif you are thinking of creating a more natural or neutral colour palette within the bathroom then consider faux-wood venetian blinds. With our ‘Expressions’, wood effect range, these specially designed composite equivalents to natural wood are waterproof plus they too are easy to clean and to maintain. Faux-wood venetian blinds also offer a genuinely value for money alternative when considering this choice of window dressing.

Roller Blindsfabric can be your friend here. With Roller Blinds they too can manage the heat and humidity generated from warm showers or baths due to both their construction and aesthetics. Blind Technique can help you choose high performance fabric to make them more resilient to the atmospheric challenges of the bathroom so they too could become your best blinds for bathrooms ideal choice. There are fabrics available which are waterproof or mould resistant, for example. Roller Blinds are easily cleaned with the use of a vacuum cleaner or by way of a delicate wipe down with warm, soapy water.

Waterproof Window Shutterselegant and iconic window shutters can also be made waterproof to specifically suit the privacy and humidity needs of the bathroom. Vinyl Shutters are extremely lightweight, have a faster lead time than wooden window shutters to manufacture and come with an amazing 25 year guarantee! They are also easy to wipe clean and flexible in terms of managing your desired level of privacy, too.

So, which choice represents the best blinds for bathrooms?

We would suggest the best choice is the one which you would feel happiest choosing – in terms of look, feel, construction, operation and investment. It is one which suits your privacy and humidity requirements and one where you feel in control in terms of ease of use and ease of cleaning and maintenance.

Custom blinds, such as the ones hand-made locally by Blind Technique, really do offer the opportunity to customise your window dressings to suit you and your home, on a genuinely made to measure basis.

Take all the time you need to discuss your choices with one of our friendly and professional sales advisors either at our Showroom or during one a Surveying Home Appointment. We would be delighted to help you create the best blinds for bathrooms exactly as you would envisage them to be.

Remember we are here at Blind Technique to help – call 0208 866 6088 or email